Virgo and Taurus compatibility

Virgo & Taurus

Find out how compatible Virgo and Taurus are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score83%
Communication & Intellect90%
Emotions & Sex80%


These two earth signs share a lot of the same values and have a patient and loyal nature. Because of how much they value honesty and commitment, they don’t give their hearts away easily or very quickly. However, once this pair realizes they are both on the same page in terms of what they value in a relationship, they fall hard and fast.

Since these signs prefer stability over excitement, they tend to commit to each other right from the start, even though they won’t necessarily say it out loud.

While Taureans can be a little stubborn and Virgos are very set in their ways, both partners are more than willing to put in the effort to make their relationship work. This pair mainly works so well because they know how to communicate and listen to feedback constructively – at least most of the time anyway.

Once you are in a trusting Taurus-Virgo partnership, you can expect your partner to value your opinion as much as you value theirs, especially when it comes to making big decisions.

Overall, Taurus-Virgo partners are a match made in heaven.

Communication & Intellect


Virgo’s intellectual side makes for interesting and in-depth conversations that Taurus enjoys and appreciates. Taurus also values Virgo’s various viewpoints, which can help them see things differently, particularly when they’re being stubborn.

However, Virgos don’t always back down too easily either, especially when they feel strongly about a particular viewpoint. This can sometimes lead to arguments. Fortunately, they can both easily work through any conflict using their excellent communication skills.

One area where Virgo often struggles is trust, which can feel hurtful to the loving Taurean who only has the best intentions. Some patience and understanding will be required to help Virgo relax into the partnership, especially if they’ve been hurt in the past.

Virgo and Taurus both want partners who will help them grow, which is why they find the stability and openness that this connection offers so appealing.

In this relationship, there will always be something to debate or talk about and this pair will spend a lot of time planning for the future. Taurus and Virgo really bring out the best in each other.

Emotions & Sex


While both Taurus and Virgo are committed and loving partners, Virgo does take some time to come around and accept Taurus’s feelings. Taurus is going to need to practice patience if they really want this to work. However, if they do, they’ll be rewarded with Virgo’s loyalty.

The more this pair can step into the connection unafraid and willing, the more deeply they will connect. If both partners are too wary for too long, they could end up building a superficial connection instead of one filled with meaningful emotional experiences.

Emotionally, the Taurus-Virgo couple is almost too perfect, which is why they need to be careful to not get too comfortable and complacent. It can be easy for them to lose that spark and their passion for each other and slip into comfort.

In terms of their sex life, Virgo will once again need time to realize it’s safe for them to be their sensual, erotic self in front of Taurus. Luckily, Taurus doesn’t mind taking a slower approach to sex, so they gel really well in the bedroom. Once Taurus helps Virgo feel more relaxed in bed, Virgo won’t be shy to add new and exciting things into the mix.



Loyalty, stability, and consistency are what these signs value. Both Taurus and Virgo believe in order and planning because it helps them secure a more stable future. Both partners don’t shy away from hard work, but when the stress gets too much, Virgo will help keep their Taurus partner grounded. They’ll also be right there to help them figure out any problems that might be standing in the way of them achieving their goals. And because Virgos aren’t known for taking big risks, Taurus trusts their sound advice.

Virgo will appreciate Taurus’s efforts to create a beautiful future for them both, which fits in with their supportive and understanding nature.

Overall, this couple has a work hard, play hard mentality and often enjoys the finer things in life, which they are both willing to work towards. This pairing almost always leads to marriage and children because of the love and stability it brings.



Taurus partners are generally real homebodies, which Virgo might interpret as lazy. Virgo enjoys a change of scenery on a regular basis but may need to spend time convincing their Taurus partner to join them. With that being said, Taurus loves a night out at a fancy restaurant every once in a while, so this is something they can enjoy together.

Virgos are usually quite active and prioritize their health, which means they tend to enjoy activities that require more movement than a Taurus would prefer. But if Virgo wants to spend time in the kitchen at home preparing healthy snacks, Taurus is all in.

These two partners are going to have to compromise when it comes to how they spend time together. Virgo should be wary of not becoming too used to doing things on their own though as this could make their Taurus partner feel neglected. In the same breath, Taurus may need to bite the bullet sometimes and get out of the house to make their Virgo partner feel seen and heard.

When it comes to travel, however, these two signs see eye-to-eye.

Overall Compatibility Score