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Abhishek Garg

Overall, I highly recommend “Acharya Rajat Sharma” to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Vastu and create positive changes in their lives. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for their clients set them apart as an exceptional Vastu Acharya.”

Surabhi Chawla

Thank you very much for the honest, accurate and sincere reading of my chart. It has been very helpful in giving me clarity about my life and giving me a proper direction to go about things. Thank you for listening to all my questions and patiently answering each one of them. 🙏

R. Lilly

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nikita grover

The details shared were so apt and easy to imbibe because of the way Acharya Rajat teaches! The best trainer ever! Also, m amazed to see the kind of detailed info and solutions he has for any defect in the property! Excellent classes, excellent knowledge plus the most important thing -correct analysis and accurate solutions is what makes Acharya Rajat different from the rest 🤗