Taurus and Taurus compatibility

Taurus & Taurus

Find out how compatible Taurus and Taurus are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score83%
Communication & Intellect60%
Emotions & Sex70%


When two Taureans meet, be prepared for the courtship of a lifetime. This same-sign match will relish in wooing each other with gifts and romantic gestures and building a sturdy, solid foundation for a relationship that has the potential to last forever.

This couple values each other’s level-headedness, but their stubbornness can get in the way of their happiness if they’re not careful. Taurus has the tendency to become possessive and displays signs of jealousy from time to time, but since both individuals despise infidelity, it’s unlikely that this will cause strife between the two.

Magic and the stuff of fairytales surround this sensuous couple. Their journey, whether short-lived or long-lasting, will have a life-changing impact on both of them.

Communication & Intellect


Taurus can be quite reserved and shy at the beginning of the relationship, so most communication between this couple will initially be through gestures and physical touch. This sign prefers to observe their partner’s behavior before adapting their style of communication to get their point across most effectively.

Trouble can arise with this pair if they remain too stubborn to accept each other’s points of view. As childish as it may seem, Taureans may even go so far as to give each other the silent treatment when they’re upset. This is an unhealthy way of dealing with conflict and will need to be resolved early in the relationship in order for it to work.

Taureans are very practically minded and resourceful. They’re also quite emotionally intelligent. Their lack of book smarts won’t cause any issues between this couple since they’re pretty much in the same boat and will be able to enjoy each other’s level of intellect.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus has excellent taste and enjoys the finer things in life. This is certainly something this couple will bond over, and should they build a home together, their lifestyle will become the object of envy for many of their friends. This trait also means that they are great at gift-giving, which their partner will really appreciate.

Emotions & Sex


The great thing about the emotional aspect of this same-sign couple’s relationship is that they are able to understand each other without having to say a word, which is great for Taurus because although they are deep-feeling beings, they don’t always know how to show their emotions.

Taurus will always aim to maintain stability in the relationship, so if that means that certain feelings need to be kept under wraps, then so be it. This may eventually come to a head if things get too overwhelming to bear, but luckily a partner of the same sign will be able to see the eruption coming from a mile away.

What Taurus lacks in displays of emotion, they are very capable of making up for in displays of affection. Taurus is known to be the most sensual of the signs, so this makes for long-lasting sessions in the bedroom with loads of foreplay.

Taurus expresses themselves through physical touch, so this couple will enjoy each other to no end. They love kissing and touching and might even annoy their friends with unwanted PDA. Ultimately, their sex life adds great strength to their connection since they are both able to sense each other’s feelings through their acts of love-making.



Taurus’ main focus is ensuring their security and stability at all times. They have an ever-present need to remain grounded as an Earth sign. This couple will appreciate this quality in each other and build a home that always allows them to remain a safe space for their loved ones.

They also value hard work and will remain determined to achieve a level of success that enables them to enjoy the finer things in life. This couple could easily venture into a business that they could build into an empire because of their committed nature.

Because of their like-mindedness, a Taurus couple will be on the same page from the very start of their relationship. They are both fully aware that they are not dating for fun and every decision they make is for the betterment of their lives together. They have clear timelines for marriage and kids and will put precise plans in place on how they will work together to achieve their goals.



Because they are Earth signs, Taureans love feeling connected to the Earth and nature, whether it’s simply being outdoors or doing an activity that gets their hands dirty. Because they fall under the same zodiac sign, this couple will have no issue with each other’s preferred activities and most hobbies will become catalysts in strengthening their bond.

On a weekend or in their free time, you might find a Taurus couple camping, fishing, gardening, or even doing other hands-on activities like pottery or painting. They are lovers of the arts and might spend time enjoying music and perhaps even playing it themselves.

Taureans have active social lives, and the people that are in their inner circle are really important parts of their lives. They will always make the effort to spend time with loved ones or include their friends in their hobbies. This couple will have no trouble fitting into each other’s social lives at all because of their shared interests and similar personalities.

Overall Compatibility Score