Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

Taurus & Scorpio

Find out how compatible Taurus and Scorpio are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score85%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex80%


If there’s anyone that has the patience and determination to get the private Scorpio to open up and let someone in, it’s Taurus. Since Taurus is invested in their relationships and wants to make them work for the long run, they pair nicely with Scorpio.

Scorpio demands loyalty and good treatment from their partner. As long as Taurus can feel that Scorpio appreciates their effort, then they’re more than happy to meet these demands. And as a result, Scorpio will return this behavior in kind. Overall, these two will find themselves on the same wavelength much more often than not.

Communication & Intellect


While Scorpio is one of the most observant and analytical signs in the zodiac, they struggle when it comes to communication, no matter what sign their partner is. Scorpio is known for being incredibly private, and for having very complex inner thoughts and feelings.

On the one hand, Scorpio can be very friendly and social. At the beginning of the relationship, they may even fool Taurus into believing they’re opening up, but chances are, they aren’t. Scorpios are excellent analyzers and are very emotionally intelligent— they’re reading you every moment that you’re communicating, but they’ll never show it. Because they’re so good at this, they can easily act as mirrors. So while Taurus may be into Scorpio and is showing them this, Scorpio’s response may just be a mirror of this behavior.

That being said, this isn’t a bad thing for Taurus. Taurus is also very intelligent and is one of the analytical zodiac signs. They approach relationships with an investment mindset— they want to take the time to get to know the other person. So they’ll ask Scorpio questions about themselves, and if Scorpio dodges, Taurus will pick up on it. The bottom line is that Scorpio needs a long time to open up to someone and establish trust, and this is fine by Taurus. Taurus is patient and willing to wait.

As the relationship progresses, communication should get smoother between these two. Taurus has never been the most talkative person, and that’s fine by Scorpio. These two will develop a higher level of understanding, making words not so necessary.

That being said, if Scorpio gets really upset with Taurus (or anyone for that matter) you can expect a communication breakdown. Scorpio won’t make the first move or even respond to Taurus’ attempts to get them to open up and express what’s wrong. This can be frustrating for Taurus, whose communication style is direct and clear. But again, since Taurus is also very level-headed and patient, they’re likely the best-equipped sign to handle this side of Scorpio. Taurus will give Scorpio the space they need to think things through, and then the two will solve their disagreements.

Emotions & Sex


Scorpio tends to be very emotional, but since they’re such a private person, they don’t express these things outwardly the way other signs do. Taurus will have to take the time to help get Scorpio out of their head for their own good.

When Scorpio reaches a point with Taurus where they feel safe and comfortable opening up, they will show their love and be a very warm partner. Since Scorpio has analyzed everything there is to analyze about Taurus, they’ll know the exact things that make them happy. And they will go out of their way to fulfill those things for their partner’s happiness.

These two make a great pair because Taurus is very much the same. When they really love their partner, nothing makes them happier than to show that. This warmth and generosity carries over into their sex lives as well: Taurus’ main focus will be making Scorpio happy, and Scorpio will return this behavior in kind.

When things are good between these two, they’re really good. But when things are bad, they’re really bad. Scorpio is probably the least forgiving sign in the Zodiac, and they are known to hold grudges. If Taurus were to ever cross Scorpio, Scorpio would be very unwilling to forgive them, and the relationship would likely fall apart.

Taurus has a similar quality where they are adamant about having their kind actions appreciated. Taurus will do anything for their partner, but if they feel their partner isn’t grateful, then they are quick to throw it in their face.

The good thing about these two is that they’re not the type to have wandering eyes or to be disloyal. Both of these signs are invested in their relationships and will put a lot of effort into preserving and maintaining them.



When it comes to values Scorpio and Taurus have a lot in common. Scorpio values integrity above all else. They expect their partners to be loyal and faithful. Taurus expects the same, which puts them both on the same page, and their relationship on a good path. While it takes time to establish trust between these two, their bond will likely grow to be unshakable.

That being said, Scorpio also places a lot of value on fairness. They’re not the type that will mistreat Taurus (or anyone) for no good reason. They will treat their partner the way that they are treated. That means that if Taurus for any reason betrays them, then Scorpio will take it to heart and will return this behavior in kind. They won’t mistreat Taurus without being provoked, but if they are provoked, Taurus should watch out.

For Taurus, it’s really important that Scorpio (and anyone they care about) shows appreciation and gratitude. Taurus is willing to do anything to make Scorpio happy, as long as Scorpio shows their gratitude, and doesn’t take advantage. Since Scorpio values fairness, these two are very unlikely to have issues in this area.



Interests and hobbies are other areas where Taurus and Scorpio match up nicely. The truth is that Scorpio enjoys their alone time, as does Taurus. So when either of them needs space, the other will understand. But when it comes to hanging out, both of them prefer each other’s company outside of big groups.

Scorpio in particular will insist on one-on-one time with Taurus. That’s why they’ll enjoy activities like long walks, road trips, catching a movie, and other things that get the two of them alone.

Taurus is known for enjoying the finer things in life, and they’ll be happy to satisfy Scorpio’s demand for one on one time. Taurus will likely suggest things like fancy dinner, wine tasting, or romantic trips together. For these two, a party of two is as good as it gets.

Overall Compatibility Score