Taurus and Pisces compatibility

Taurus & Pisces

Find out how compatible Taurus and Pisces are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score68%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex80%


On the surface, it may seem like Taurus and Pisces have hardly anything in common. And it’s true— these signs are opposites of one another. Taurus is an analytical thinker, while Pisces is a dreamer in the clouds. Taurus is reserved in their communication style, considering all the possible scenarios before they say a word. Pisces is emotional, and they’re not shy about showing it.

And yet, despite these differences, these two signs fill in a missing piece for each other. Taurus helps Pisces find their footing by grounding them in reality when they need it. And Pisces helps Taurus open up and feel safe in their relationship with their outward displays of love and affection. These two complete each other on an emotional level, forming a deep and lasting bond.

Communication & Intellect


Taurus and Pisces have similar communication styles, in that they’re not afraid or hesitant to express what they’re thinking. But the way they think things through and communicate their thoughts are quite different.

Taurus spends a lot of time thinking and analyzing what they want to say before they say a word. It’s not uncommon for Taurus to spend multiple days thinking about something before they’re ready to come out and express their thoughts.

Pisces, on the other hand, wears their heart on their sleeve. They are far more emotional and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Pisces won’t spend much time contemplating what they want to say. They’ll say what they want the moment they’re feeling it (both positive and negative thoughts).

While Pisces tends to embody open communication and a willingness to express themselves, this doesn’t mean that they’re always picking fights. This is a big plus with Taurus because they’re also not the type to start arguments. It will be a relief to Taurus that they don’t have to constantly put effort into pulling things out of Pisces.

Pisces, however, may become frustrated with the fact that Taurus doesn’t communicate as freely as they do. They’re not an impatient sign, so they’re not unwilling to wait until Taurus is ready to talk. But the need to analyze everything before speaking isn’t something Pisces will ever truly understand.

Overall, as these two progress in their relationship, Pisces will likely rub off on Taurus, helping them feel better about communicating openly, and Taurus will help Pisces to see things from a more grounded perspective.

Emotions & Sex


There’s no hiding that Pisces is very emotional, and they’ll be showing their emotions from day one. Assuming these two have good chemistry between them, this can be a great thing for their relationship.

At the beginning of any relationship, Taurus has a closed-off, protective kind of nature. Since they’re not interested in flings and they look to invest in their partner and their relationship, they approach it with their guard up, so as not to get attached too quickly and end up hurt.

Pisces, on the other hand, tends to be a hopeless romantic. If they’re really into Taurus, then they’re going to show it right off the bat, showering them in love and affection. This will be a great comfort to Taurus, as it will help them feel secure in the relationship faster. Taurus wants their partner to show them that they’re invested. So as long as Pisces does that (and means it), then they’ll have won Taurus over.

These two will form an unshakable emotional bond— Pisces feeling special that they have managed to unlock Taurus, and Taurus feeling special with Pisces’ affectionate displays. This dynamic can exist between them when it comes to intimacy too. Pisces is an expressive, generous lover, and Taurus takes great pride and satisfaction in pleasing their partner. Overall, these two will form an unmatched bond with each other.



Taurus is a big proponent of reason, logic, stability, and consistency. These values can actually be at odds with Pisces. Pisces has a habit of wanting to escape from reality. They’re very creative, and sometimes they can get lost in their own imaginations (and they enjoy doing so). In some ways, this can be self-destructive. Rather than face the problems they have in front of them, Pisces prefers to disappear into their own world and pretend like everything is okay.

This quality isn’t something that level-headed Taurus will be able to relate to. Taurus is a problem solver— it’s not in their nature to let issues go unaddressed. So while these two won’t line up in their outlooks, it might not be a bad thing. Pisces needs someone patient and understanding to help ground them in reality. If Taurus is anything, it’s patient.

Pisces places a lot of value on honesty. This is one place that these two will easily find common ground. Taurus expects their partner to be loyal and truthful, and Pisces will have no problem living up to these expectations because they feel the same way.



When it comes to hobbies and interests, Taurus and Pisces are a bit at odds. Being an analytical thinker means that Taurus enjoys things like puzzles, riddles, documentaries, and anything that gets the reasoning part of their brain working.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a creative spirit that loves all things abstract or the ability to transport them away from reality: music, theater, movies, art.

As long as these two have formed a strong emotional connection, their difference in hobbies shouldn’t be a problem. Sure, Taurus won’t love wandering around an art museum the same way Pisces will, but Taurus won’t care. They’re not there for the art, they’re there to make Pisces happy, and seeing them this way is more than enough for them.

If anything, Taurus will admire Pisces’ creativity because it’s so different from theirs. They should just be careful not to fall into the trap of overanalyzing whatever is that Pisces is sharing with them: a musical instrument, a piece of art. This is one place where Pisces doesn’t want to be brought back to reality.

Similarly, Pisces will be happy to go along with Taurus’ hobbies, just to make them happy. Pisces also has a rational and analytical side to them, which means they’ll enjoy playing thinking games and solving puzzles with Taurus. In the end, it will be their emotional connection that keeps them bonded, rather than a single common interest.

Overall Compatibility Score