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Taurus & Aquarius

On the surface, Aquarius and Taurus don’t seem like they’d be an ideal match. They have some significant differences that can drive…

Taurus & Aries

When it comes to a relationship between Aries and Taurus, it’s all about balance. Fire meets earth, and if Aries isn’t a little careful….

Taurus & Cancer

The Taurus-Cancer couple can look forward to spending many weekends cooking, cuddling, and building a stronger connection  interests….

Taurus & Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn are two earth signs that are creatures of habit— they have their routines, and they appreciate stability in their lives…..

Taurus & Gemini

It’s unlikely that Taurus and Gemini will find themselves in a relationship without having a friendship to lay the foundation.

Taurus & Leo

If there is one pair who knows how to live it up, it’s a Taurus-Leo couple. If you find yourself in this partnership, you can look forward to sensual evenings….

Taurus & Libra

When they first meet, the Libra-Taurus couple will be smitten. Libra’s charm is what draws Taurus in, while Libra is attracted to Taurus’s strength …

Taurus & Pisces

On the surface, it may seem like Taurus and Pisces have hardly anything in common. And it’s true— these signs are opposites..

Taurus & Sagittarius

The truth is that Taurus and Sagittarius are an odd pair— for every similarity they appear to have on the surface, what lies…

Taurus & Scorpio

If there’s anyone that has the patience and determination to get the private Scorpio to open up and let someone in, it’s Taurus….

Taurus & Taurus

When two Taureans meet, be prepared for the courtship of a lifetime. This same-sign match will relish in wooing each other with gifts and romantic…

Taurus & Virgo

These two earth signs share a lot of the same values and have a patient and loyal nature. Because of how much they value honesty and commitment