Taurus and Cancer compatibility

Taurus & Cancer

Find out how compatible Taurus and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score85%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex90%


The Taurus-Cancer couple can look forward to spending many weekends cooking, cuddling, and building a stronger connection through shared interests. However, it might take them some time to get to this point because of how cautious both signs can be.

The people in this pairing are affectionate homebodies who are almost always looking for a long-term commitment, so they don’t feel the need to rush into anything. When Taurus and Cancer come together, you can expect things to move at a rather gradual pace.

Once these signs decide to commit though, it’s like two soulmates finally find each other.

Communication & Intellect


One of the main reasons why Taurus and Cancer are such a good match is because they’re great communicators. They don’t have any problems talking about their expectations and the relationship in general. In fact, they’re often such good communicators, they can even converse with just a look.

Even if the conversations get difficult, they can communicate in a calm and gentle way until they reach a mutual understanding – most of the time, anyway. Taureans are known to be quite stubborn at times, which might crop up when they’re discussing something that really matters to them. When this happens the first few times, the Cancerian might brush it off. Over time though, frustration with the Taurean’s stubbornness might result in more heated arguments.

In terms of intelligence, these two signs click really well. This is because they mostly share the same interests and views on the world. If you’re in a Taurus-Cancer partnership, you will hardly ever have to worry about a lull in the conversation.

Emotions & Sex


Not only are Taurus-Cancer couples warm, caring, and sensitive, but they’re a passionate pair in bed too. If there are two signs that really know how to express their feelings, it’s these two. A Cancerian or Taurean partner might take some time to open up to you, but once they do, expect sparks to fly.

How these two signs express their love can differ though. Where Cancerians are more about filling up their partner’s emotional tank, a Taurus partner is more about showing their emotions physically. This could be through a gentle touch or by spoiling you with a romantic dinner.

The people in this pairing immediately know when something is up because it results in less affection and attention from their partner. However, it’s also this attentiveness that keeps this pair communicating and feeling fulfilled.

The only time a Taurus-Cancer couple might struggle is if they meet under difficult circumstances. If the relationship is a struggle from the start or there is a third-party situation that results in one person fighting for the other, the foundation might be too rocky for the partnership to last. This couple needs to know right from the start that their feelings and efforts are equal as this is what makes for a strong relationship between them.

It is also this strong emotional bond that makes for an amazing sex life. The sensual bond between these two signs is undeniable and they hardly ever have any problems in the bedroom. In a Taurus-Cancer partnership, you can expect slow kisses, sensual sex, and loads of cuddling.

What’s more, this pair is not shy to communicate their sexual needs and desires, which further strengthens the bond. However, they should be wary of becoming complacent and assuming what their partner wants sexually over the long term as this can become a problem.



Taurus-Cancer relationships almost always result in marriage. The fact that they share so many of the same values is one of the reasons for this. The moon makes an appearance in both of these zodiac charts, which means family, communication, peace, and compassion are important to both signs.

It’s generally only in the physical world where their values might differ slightly. While the Taurean partner will be more focused on building a financially stable future, the Cancerian is more focused on emotional fulfillment. This often means that a Cancerian might see the Taurean as slightly superficial, even though this need for security does not stem from an egotistical place. Money might also make an appearance in many of their fights over the long term. However, if this pair decides to have children together, the money issue becomes more of an even playing field.



The Cancer-Taurus couple loves spending time together because they generally enjoy doing the same things. And while they like to keep busy, this busyness usually takes place at home. It’s because this couple is hardworking that they like to take more downtime than other zodiac pairs. This couple is more than happy to cook at home instead of going out for a meal or having friends over instead of going out to party. This doesn’t make them lazy or reserved either, it’s just that spending quality time at home with the people they love is more in line with their shared values.

Overall Compatibility Score