Taurus and Aries compatibility

Taurus & Aries

Find out how compatible Taurus and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score78%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex80%


When it comes to a relationship between Aries and Taurus, it’s all about balance. Fire meets earth, and if Aries isn’t a little careful, they may push Taurus away with their overwhelming excitement and desire to charge forward. The very qualities that attract Taurus to Aries may end up being the same things that derail the relationship. That’s why the number one goal needs to be finding and maintaining balance.

Neither Aries nor Taurus needs to give up who they are to make the relationship work. Taurus craves the excitement that Aries radiates, and Aries could use the stability that Taurus provides. A successful relationship between these two is the best of both worlds— think exciting trips around the world and a rainy-day fund. Butterflies even after the honeymoon phase, and a steady hand to weather any storm. If these two can learn to find the balance, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish together.

Communication & Intellect


The truth is that Aries can be really difficult to communicate with because they’re likely to have made up their mind about something long before the other person gets the chance to speak. On top of that, Aries’ determination and competitiveness often translate into fierce intelligence (they want to be the smartest person in the room and they’re willing to put in the work to achieve it). Throw in a good amount of impatience and it’s no wonder an Aries might start yelling from the first moment. They often expect the other person to see what they think is the obvious answer.

But that’s where the patient, level-headed Taurus comes in. Because they’re just as self-assured and confident in their intelligence as Aries, (but without the temper), they rarely ever feel the need to yell. In fact, they’re expert de-escalators that use reason and logic to get their point across, and can even manage to convince the stubborn Aries that there’s more than one way of seeing things.

As long as there’s mutual respect between these two partners, there’s nothing they won’t be able to work out with a little effort. In fact, communication should get better with time. After a while of being together, some of Taurus’ level-headedness might even rub off on Aries, causing them to approach communicating with their partner differently than how they’d communicate with anyone else. And Taurus will get to know Aries’ way of thinking, and get pretty good at anticipating when a disagreement might happen, and prevent it from coming about.

Emotions & Sex


While Aries is spontaneous and fiery, Taurus prefers a slower, more deliberate, and sensual approach to the relationship. Aries tend to lead with the heart and Taurus with the head. So while Aries may be seeing sparks and acting out of passion right from the beginning, Taurus is working towards that slow, lasting burn.

It’s possible that these different approaches can cause tension between the two. Aries isn’t shy about showing what they want and openly expressing their emotions. So when a Taurus takes a more guarded and reserved approach, Aries may find themselves frustrated with their partners’ lack of outward expression. But fear not, while a Taurus might not be as verbally expressive as their partner wants, this doesn’t mean they don’t feel emotions as intensely. They just have their eye on the prize, which is a long-term, stable connection, not a firework that fizzles out.

When this fire sign meets this earth sign, they have a much better chance of building a stable relationship and a balanced sex life. Aries brings the right amount of heat and passion, while Taurus shows the other how to slow down and really savor the moment. Both of these signs have a tendency to be a little selfish and to focus on their own pleasure, and both tend to enjoy being the leader. That’s why it’s important to remind yourselves to make each other the priority.



At times it can seem like Aries and Taurus have values that are at odds with each other, but they also share a unique pairing of similarities that sets them apart from other couples. Taurus values stability, consistency, and above all else, honesty. Aries craves excitement and enjoys mixing things up. But as we’ve already said, these two forces often complement and balance each other out, creating a great pair.

Aries values being independent and self-sufficient, and more importantly, they want everyone else to know that they don’t need you to take care of them. On the one hand, this is a trait that Taurus admires in Aries since it is one they can relate to. On the other, Taurus expects devotion and loyalty, which can be hard for Aries to build when they’re busy looking out for number one.

But once you win an Aries over they are fiercely loyal, especially to their partners. It may take time to build this trust, but that’s alright, because Taurus is patient, and in it for the long run anyway. Aries also value honesty very highly and aren’t afraid to be brutal in telling you the truth. This has the potential to cause some instability in the relationship and it may lead to arguments that could’ve been avoided, Taurus isn’t one to yell or make rash decisions. Overall, this mutual dedication to the truth strengthens their relationship over time.



Taurus has a tendency to take pleasure in expensive, luxurious things, and like to enjoy the “finer” things in life. Their hobbies tend to reflect this. Taurus enjoys cooking and fine dining, photography, painting, and golf. All of these hobbies are slower-paced and often take a significant amount of time and patience to master.

Aries are super competitive, which means their hobbies include things that they can win at. Whether it’s sports, trivia, board games, or something else, Aries love the chance to flex their superior skills. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re also bad losers.

Despite these differences in hobbies, Aries and Taurus can find plenty of things to enjoy together. Because Taurus isn’t so competitive and show-offy, they probably won’t mind playing a game with Aries, because the two aren’t chasing after the same prize. If anything, Taurus will find Aries’ hyper-competitiveness amusing. But Aries should still be mindful not to take it too far in the heat of the moment.

Aries are likely to find themselves enjoying Taurus’ hobbies because it gives them a chance to unwind and enjoy the moment in the absence of competition. (Although Aries might get a little frustrated if Taurus is clearly a much better painter or golfer). Here’s another opportunity for Taurus’ patience to rub off, since these hobbies are a chance for the couple not to compete with each other, but to spend time communicating and getting more comfortable.

Overall Compatibility Score