Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus & Aquarius

Find out how compatible Taurus and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score58%
 Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex40%


Emotions are very complicated for Aquarius. They are known for their stand-offish and guarded natures because they do not let others see their emotions. Even after having been with their partner for years, they won’t grow into the kind of person that feels okay with sharing their emotions. If your partner or friend is an Aquarius, you should know that this guarded nature is here to stay. An Aquarius’ partner could spend their whole life with them, and see Aquarius get emotional only a handful of times.

The problem here is that Taurus is also not particularly expressive with their emotions. They place logic and reasoning above emotions and feelings. This means that even if they can sense that something is bothering Aquarius on an emotional level, they’re probably not going to try to get them to talk about it, or help them process things. The truth is that Aquarius needs this in a partner— someone to remind them that they don’t have to keep everything bottled up inside. This is something that Taurus won’t realize or think to do for them.

If Taurus and Aquarius manage to reach a point in their relationship where they become intimately involved, then they might manage to hit it off. Making it that far into their relationship will mean that Taurus is really invested in Aquarius. And since Taurus is a very sensual and giving lover, they’ll certainly put in a lot of effort to please Aquarius.

Aquarius’ tastes are known to change like the wind, which might not work so well for the stable and consistent Taurus. Aquarius may also be a distant partner and will continue to keep their emotions hidden even when it comes to sex. This will definitely bother Taurus, who expects investment from their partner on all levels. Overall, these two will have a challenging time getting on the same wavelength.

Communication & Intellect


For Aquarius, intelligence is the most important thing they look for in a partner. As innovators and thinkers, they couldn’t possibly stand being with a partner they didn’t find intelligent. In this area, Taurus will more than likely be able to satisfy them. Taurus possesses both objective, and emotional intelligence thanks to their ability to analyze things from all possible angles.

Aquarius loves to have intellectual conversations with their partner— it’s basically the best way to romance them. Whether or not Taurus can deliver on this requirement really comes down to the person. Some Tauruses are overly analytical, and everything is an equation to them with a right and wrong answer. This kind of Taurus is indeed intelligent, but they won’t work for Aquarius.

Aquarius is a progressive and a free thinker. They’re innovators and the kind of person that finds unique and clever ways to solve a problem that the other signs may never come up with. If Taurus also holds progressive viewpoints, then these two can make an incredible team. Their combined intelligence means they have the potential to solve any challenge and achieve any goal.

So overall, it’s a coin toss between these two. They’ll either get along really well and delight in each other’s minds, or they’ll be completely mismatched.

Emotions & Sex


Aries are generally known to put their needs first, so if they really want something, they won’t care about how it affects others. They lean into their desires and emotions with reckless abandon, so this couple will have to work on prioritizing each other’s feelings from time to time.

What’s great is that when feelings develop, an Aries couple won’t be afraid to show each other how they feel and will go out of their way to make each other feel special and appreciated.

On the other hand, when an Aries is upset, they often express it as anger or frustration, which can be difficult for their partner to read. It’s important for both these individuals to take stock of their emotional weaknesses so that things don’t come to a head in a disagreement.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, so needless to say things will surely become very heated in the bedroom with an Aries-Aries match. Sparks will fly from their very first time together and they will enjoy the spontaneity and boldness that both of them bring to the table.

Things might get difficult since both partners enjoy the chase, so a little role play could be really beneficial for them. This couple will enjoy being sexually adventurous and trying new things they may not have felt safe enough to do with past relationships. As they grow to trust each other, their sexual fire will glow even stronger.



Aquarius is an interesting sign because they manage to value both their independence and commitment at the same time. They are similar to Taurus in that they go into relationships with the intention of having a long-term commitment— they’re not looking for a fling.

But while Aquarius is a committed partner who’s in it for the long haul, they also have a deep need to maintain their independence. Aquarius is not the kind who will fall so madly in love that they will lose themselves in their partner. They will maintain their individual identity, hold their own beliefs, keep their own friends, and explore their own hobbies and interests..

Here again, it becomes a coin toss as to whether or not the Taurus they meet will be okay with this. Sometimes Taurus can have a negative, controlling nature. They want to possess all aspects of their partner, so an independent, strong-willed Aquarius will not accept this.

However, other Taurus partners will admire Aquarius for their independent nature. They will certainly expect loyalty and full faithfulness in their relationship. But they won’t try to control Aquarius and are perfectly okay with them maintaining their independence in areas like hobbies and friends.



Taurus and Aquarius should find activities that complement their differing natures. This pair might enjoy things like hiking, or individual sports like skiing, swimming, or running. They’re not like Aries and Leo, so it’s unlikely that they will start to compete with one another. Instead, these activities give them something to do together, while still giving them their own space.

These two would also do well to capitalize on their shared intelligence and work together as a team to solve problems, or even just explore interesting topics. Maybe this means watching documentaries together. Or maybe it even means starting a small business. If these two have found their groove, there’s no telling what they could accomplish when they put their heads together.

Overall Compatibility Score