Scorpio and Libra compatibility

Scorpio & Libra

Find out how compatible Scorpio and Libra are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score75%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex80%


When describing the relationship between a Libra and a Scorpio, the word “intense” comes to mind. Although these two signs have some opposing traits and personalities, Libra and Scorpio are often referred to as the zodiac’s “relationship goals” because of their ability to easily and positively influence each other when they fall in love.’

On the romantic front, there is no other sign capable of effortlessly stoking the flames of romance in Libra than Scorpio. Even though the mysterious Scorpio is known for being difficult to seduce, Libra’s charm will entice them before they realize what’s going on. Scorpios love fiercely, which Libra will find endearing because they enjoy being swept up in a breathless affair.

The Libra-Scorpio lovers will have an exciting relationship, but both should be careful not to become too obsessed with each other. Scorpios can be demanding, whereas Libras are always passionate and selfless when they believe they have found their soulmate. They will need time apart from each other to avoid burning out the passion in their relationship.

Communication & Intellect


Libra is extremely intelligent, well-rounded, and a natural conversationalist. Scorpio is also regarded as one of the smartest signs of the zodiac. They have a mind for details and an uncanny ability to distill the essence of any subject matter. As such, they are able to hold interesting conversations, even though they are not as eloquent as their Libra partner.

During their relationship, the Libra-Scorpio couple will mentally stimulate each other and have a lot of interesting conversations. When they first meet, it is not uncommon for this zodiac love pair to be found talking all night and into the early hours of the morning. However, as the relationship develops, the Libra-Scorpio couple will need to make a concerted effort to listen empathetically to each other when things get heated (which is inevitable) – this advice is more for Scorpio than Libra.

Persuasive and witty Libra will face an uphill battle in convincing Scorpio to bear their most private thoughts. Scorpios are mysterious and secretive, which often strains their relationships. Scorpios can also be borderline aggressive in their communication, which is bound to irritate the sensitive Libra.

Fortunately for the Libra-Scorpio couple, Scorpio can realistically assess situations and recognize when they have overreached, and will apologize if attention is drawn to their domineering ways. However, Libra, who can struggle with communicating their true feelings for fear of upsetting others, will need to speak up more in order for this to work.

Emotions & Sex


The Libra-Scorpio relationship is full of love and romance because these two are very passionate. There is a natural attraction between them, which makes their relationship intense but intriguing. Libra is drawn to Scorpio’s mysterious personality, while Scorpio is drawn to Libra’s charming personality and proclivity for harmony and balance.

However, the Libra-Scorpio relationship can become overly passionate, which can spell doom for its longevity. Libra is a people pleaser, and who better to please than their Scorpio partner, who is the object of their affection? In love, Scorpio’s demanding and assertive personality manifests as an obsession for their Libra partner. These two will need time apart from each other occasionally, or else their romance will be intense but fleeting.

One thing is certain in a Scorpio-Libra love match: an interesting sex life. Scorpio is connected to the eighth house of sex and intimacy, making them passionate lovers. Libra is the scale of the zodiac and will gladly match Scorpio’s passion with equal fervor. The Libra-Scorpio pair will be passionate about giving each other pleasure, even if they are not in a very serious relationship yet.

Scorpio will be successful in awakening Libra’s primal nature, resulting in a spontaneous, vigorous, and adventurous sex life between the Libra-Scorpio lovers.



The Libra-Scorpio love pair have a lot of values in common. They are both loyal and will honor any commitment they make. They are also natural leaders who thrive in positions of authority. They will, however, go about achieving this in very different ways. Libra will most likely charm their way up the ladder to get into this position, whereas their Scorpio partner will most likely assertively demand it because they always like to be in control.

The Libra-Scorpio pair, however, will clash in terms of values because Scorpio can be very obstinate – often single-minded in their pursuit – they will stop at nothing to win – and may be unwilling to compromise, even for their Libra partner.

The only reason Scorpio’s stubbornness does not end the Libra-Scorpio relationship would be because Libra, the diplomat, and peacemaker, places a high value on compromise and keeping the peace. Libra is idealistic and will try to see the best in their Scorpio partner, which complements the sometimes unreasonable side of a Scorpio. Because Libras are not self-absorbed, they are the most accommodating, charming, and well-balanced partner in their relationship.

Both signs value commitment in a relationship, but Scorpio is more likely to commit sooner than their Libra partner, who can be indecisive, even on matters of the heart. Fortunately, their mutual need for giving and receiving affection in a love match is another common ground that Libra and Scorpio can explore in order to have a satisfying relationship.



Although they are polar opposites in nature, the Libra-Scorpio lovers have complementary interests.

Scorpios are natural introverts, so they are rarely interested in social gatherings, unlike their Libra partner. Instead, they will channel all of their energy into their career. This is why Libra is such a positive influence on Scorpio. Libra, in their usual charming manner, will entice Scorpio into their social circle, a decision Scorpio will not regret.

And because Scorpios are big spenders, they will also relish the opportunity to go on luxury shopping sprees, trips, and thrilling intimate adventures with their Libra partner who adores the finer things in life. If they are not on a luxury shopping spree with their Scorpio partner, Libras are adorning their home with beautiful works of art and expensive antique collections – or trying to arrange their wardrobe that is filled with fashionable items, activities that their Scorpio partner will gladly let them indulge in.

The Libra-Scorpio couple may not throw many parties as a couple, but whatever activity they choose to do together, they will enjoy it. Libra would also appreciate their Scorpio partner’s subtle nudge and consistent effort to help with their indecisiveness and lack of focus on those occasions when Libra can’t make up their mind.

Overall Compatibility Score