Scorpio and Aries compatibility

Scorpio & Aries

Find out how compatible Scorpio and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score65%
Communication & Intellect40%
Emotions & Sex60%


Aries and Scorpio make an unusual love match. When the fiery Aries collides with the complex Scorpio, it’s like fire meets gasoline. They are two sides of the same coin, both ruled by Mars, and when two Mars-ruled signs come together, explosive tempers, passion, and lots of sex are guaranteed. With the intensity of their sexual chemistry, their initial attraction is strong. Scorpio will be preoccupied with their obsessive desire to learn everything there is to know about Aries. While the thrill of the chase provided by the mysterious Scorpio will keep Aries on their toes. This couple will never be bored as they try to solve each other’s mysteries.

They will, however, quickly recognize their temperamental differences. Aries is brash but is a true extrovert, totally open and forthright. Scorpio has none of Aries’ brashness but is more emotional and has a slight proclivity for manipulating people and situations. As a result, they’ll butt heads as each sign vies for dominance in the relationship. If they are willing to share the spotlight, the Aries-Scorpio lovers can accomplish almost anything; Scorpio as the emotional leader and Aries as the initiator.

Communication & Intellect


The Aries-Scorpio relationship is very passionate, but these two don’t know how to tone it down when they converse, which frequently leads to heavy, heated arguments. Although Scorpio is the more patient sign of the Aries-Scorpio pair, they will be the ones to lash out when their feelings are hurt because they misinterpreted Aries’ words.

Aries’ mind is always focused on the present and getting things done; constantly looking for new challenges that will force them to think outside the box. The Scorpio’s mind is mostly concerned with exploring the deeper meaning of things. Scorpio’s need to dig deep will irritate Aries, who will perceive it as being too difficult and morbid. Scorpio, on the other hand, will think Aries is too shallow because they are unwilling to approach life issues and events in the same way they do. What they will both enjoy, however, is their shared ability to convey a lot of information in a few sentences, but this may also impede their understanding of each other because they may say everything they need to quickly and have nothing to talk about afterward.

For this couple to survive as a love match, they must improve their communication skills, call truces when necessary, and avoid being too blunt. Conversation is generally free-flowing once both signs take the time to get to know one another and their communication styles. If the Aries-Scorpio lovers can both keep their hot tempers under control, it could be an interesting relationship full of adventures.

Emotions & Sex


When the Aries-Scorpio couple first meets, Scorpio is likely to appear more emotionally invested in the relationship than Aries. This is because Scorpios enjoy demonstrating their love and devotion to their partner by paying attention to all of the things that are important to them. They will expect the same treatment from Aries, but they may be disappointed because Aries is more action-oriented and is not always as sentimental as Scorpio. Aries and Scorpio are control freaks who will try to dominate the other. Aries by aggression and Scorpio by passive-aggression. The outgoing, free-spirited, and flirtatious nature of Aries is bound to irritate the jealous and possessive Scorpio. Scorpio’s brooding and secretive nature will greatly frustrate Aries, who is impulsive and open. This could lead to conflicts and a fight between Aries and Scorpio can be very stormy.

If they don’t work hard to maintain their emotional balance, it will be very easy for the Aries-Scorpio lovers to deeply hurt each other before one of the signs makes the difficult decision to cut their bond completely. Although, both signs have short tempers and say things they don’t mean, Aries is the more forgiving of the two. Scorpios can hold a grudge for an extended period of time. As a result, Aries will have to be careful what they say when conversing with Scorpio, which will be no easy task.

The sexual chemistry of the Aries-Scorpio couple is magnetic and intoxicating, and it is arguably one of their greatest assets. Ruled by the passionate Mars, their sex life is intense, almost combative, as both signs strive for dominance. They are both passionate and energetic, making them an ideal bed partner. What one sign lacks, the other more than makes up for.
Aries enjoys experimenting and is very imaginative, which complements Scorpio’s seductive nature perfectly. Scorpio has an uncanny ability to cool Aries down when they become overheated. This type of connection is like a drug for Aries, causing them to return to Scorpio for intimacy time and time again. These two are likely to stay together for much longer than they should because of the sex, even when it’s clear to them that the relationship has failed.



The Aries-Scorpio pair share many values. As a result, it is not uncommon for the Aries and Scorpio love birds to have the kind of relationship in which they both wonder how they ever got along without each other.

Aries is always ready to act and is direct in their expression. They will act even if they are terrified in order to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Despite their independence, Aries values loyalty and is always willing to go above and beyond for those they care about. They are honest, self-assured, ambitious, natural leaders, creative, and generous people. They set lofty goals and work tirelessly to achieve them, to the point of missing out on the minor but significant details that their Scorpio partner values, which is often a source of friction for the Aries-Scorpio lovers.

Scorpios are honest to a fault. As a result, Scorpios despise dishonesty in others, which they won’t have to worry about with their Aries partner. In turn, Scorpio will be loyal to Aries because once they commit to something or someone, they stick to it. They are known to use their traditional tenacity to support their partner, in this case, Aries. They will throw themselves into danger with Aries without hesitation and will be the first to volunteer for difficult tasks.

When the Aries-Scorpio pair chooses to work on something together, their values are so similar that they form a formidable team. Aries teaching Scorpio about spontaneity – doing things for the sake of the experience rather than always having a plan in mind. And Scorpio teaching Aries to finish projects instead of constantly starting new ones when they get bored. Together, they are fearless and single-minded, with an unrivaled focus on achieving their objectives.



Scorpio and Aries have somewhat opposing perspectives on love and life, however, they both enjoy freedom, passion, adventure, independence, and romance. If they can accept each other for who they are and not try to force each other into changing into the ideal they’ve created in their head, they have a good chance of creating a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

The Aries-Scorpio pair is fearless and they both enjoy trying new things and seeking out adventures. The only difference between the two when it comes to their interests is that Aries is naturally drawn to the mountains and Scorpio to water. Regardless, in a relationship together, they’ll enjoy skiing, boating, hiking, and even fishing.

However, it won’t be uncommon for Scorpios to seek alone time that allows them to grow in their other pursuits. Scorpios are likely to be fascinated by occult sciences; they enjoy meditation, yoga, philosophy, religion, and astrology. They frequently read as much as they can about their interests and pursue them as a hobby. Scorpios are also fond of collecting clothing, jewelry, and music. The Scorpio’s preference for solitary activities should not be misinterpreted as a sign of social awkwardness; rather, they know how to enjoy their own company, which is why they pursue such interests.

Overall Compatibility Score