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sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility

sagittarius & Sagittarius

Find out how compatible sagittarius and Sagittarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score70%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex60%


Sagittarians love surrounding themselves with like-minded people, so it’s very likely that a Sagittarius match will feel like two kindred spirits meeting. This couple will find excitement in their similar spirit of adventure and insatiable thirst for knowledge. They’ll inevitably learn a lot from each other and have loads of fun along the way.

While it may seem that one restless spirit is perfect for another, it’s possible that this couple’s wanderlust may pull them in different directions. Nevertheless, no matter how long or short their time together, they will undoubtedly part ways as close friends since the lifelong bond they’ve formed is impossible to break.

Communication & Intellect


Sagittarians are very direct and forthcoming in their style of communication. They are not the type to sweep things under the carpet and would much rather hash out their grievances then and there. Their preferred communication happens in person since they hate the ambiguity that can arise from texts or calls.

Sagittarians can also be bubbly oversharers who struggle to filter their thoughts. These fire signs will have no trouble understanding each other, but they should be careful not to speak in haste and say things they may regret. Even so, Sagittarians don’t hold grudges very long so all will be forgiven in no time at all.

Sagittarians are well known as learners among the zodiacs. They have restless minds that constantly come up with new ideas, possibilities, and questions they need to explore. This sign often finds itself going down the rabbit hole of the internet with each probing thought that comes to mind.

This characteristic is great for a Sagittarius-Sagittarius match since this couple will really relish bouncing thoughts off each other and discussing new things they’ve learned. The great thing is that their audience will always be just as interested as they are. They cherish the deep, meaningful conversations they have with each other and can spend hours talking about anything and everything.

Emotions & Sex


Sagittarians feel really deep emotions to the point that it overwhelms them. Oftentimes a Sagittarius is afraid to show how they really feel because they feel as though they’re coming across as “too much.” This could even stem from the rejection they’ve faced in the past and may result in mental health issues and anxiety.

A Sagittarius couple will need to work on expressing their romantic feelings for each other from the very beginning. Because their relationship can sometimes feel like a best friendship or sibling vibe, it may not be something they’re very conscious of right at the start, which is definitely going to hinder their growth as a couple.

What the Sagittarius couple lacks in emotional compatibility, they make up for in bucket loads with their sexual chemistry. Sagittarius loves being playful and adventurous in the bedroom, and who better to satisfy these desires than someone who feels exactly the same way?

This couple will go wild during the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They will have finally found the perfect partner who is open to any new idea or kink. Sagittarians rarely ever get jealous, so they may even opt to invite other people into their bedroom from time to time. The sky is truly the limit for this couple’s sex life!



Sagittarius is the most free-spirited of all the zodiacs so they constantly need to be moving forward, whether physically or mentally. If Sagittarius isn’t traveling or moving to a new city, they’re learning a new skill or doing a course on something completely unknown to them. It’s easy to see why this sign is so difficult to tie down.

While both Sagittarians in this couple may share the same views on life, their individual interests may make it difficult for them to choose between their relationship and their innate desires. Realistically, most times they will prioritize themselves over the relationship.

This obviously makes it really difficult for this couple to plan a future together, so the logistics of things like marriage and kids are almost impossible to navigate – if they are on the table at all! Their nomadic spirit often leads Sagittarians toward open relationships and child-free lifestyles.

If this couple truly wishes to stay together, they will need to spend every day consciously choosing each other over everything else. While this may seem sweet in sentiment, most times this kind of behavior leads to resentment and eventually ruins the relationship.



Throughout the duration of their relationship, a Sagittarius couple will have an absolute ball on their adventures together. They share a lust for life, so every day is a new opportunity for them to bond over a new experience.

Sagittarians love the outdoors and adventure sports, and any activity that gets their adrenaline pumping, really! They are the first in line to try out the new rollercoaster at the theme park and might even take up extreme sports like skydiving and paragliding. For a more relaxing activity, you’ll find Sagittarius hiking and camping.

While they prefer the outdoors, a Sagittarius couple doesn’t mind indoor activities if it means that they get to have a fresh experience or learn a new skill. You may even find them taking art classes together or checking out the pieces at a gallery in town.

Sagittarians love social media and sharing their experiences with their large social circle. They often choose to spend time with their friends at nightclubs and bars and aim to get into the most exclusive of places. Sagittarians thrive off the energy of other people and love chatting away over a drink or two.

Overall Compatibility Score