Sagittarius and Leo compatibility

Sagittarius & Leo

Find out how compatible Sagittarius and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score90%
Communication & Intellect90%
Emotions & Sex100%


Sometimes adding fuel to the fire is the quickest way to burn a relationship to the ground. But not for Leo and Sagittarius— they are the exception. These two fun-loving fire signs will amplify each other’s best qualities, while still finding a way to smooth over each other’s differences.

Sagittarius is the wanderer of the Zodiac and Leo is the hunter. They both love thrills and adventure, which means Leo will happily chase after Sagittarius with little concern for where in the world the two might end up. As long as they’re together taking on whatever life has to throw at them, there’s nothing that can bring them down. They’ll take turns keeping each other’s spirits up and know that they are with each other not out of need, but pure desire.

Communication & Intellect


Since both Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs, you can expect their communication styles to be passionate and extroverted. Leo’s communication style tends to be show-offy and theatrical, because they thrive off of being the center of attention, and enjoy having all eyes on them. Of course, they’re incredibly charming and funny, which will draw the fun-loving Sagittarius to them.

Sagittarius is known as the deep thinker of the zodiac and they enjoy contemplating philosophical questions. They’re always wondering about the nature of the universe and are searching for a deeper meaning. Their thoughts and ideas will draw Leo to them.

Leo will be impressed and awed with Sagittarius’ way of thinking, and how they’re so self-aware and okay with the fact that they’re barely a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things. This is something that the sometimes self-absorbed Leo will never come to terms with, and they know it.

Leo’s tendency to make themselves the center of the universe is something that can potentially turn Sagittarius off. To top it off, Sagittarius is known for their lack of tact and to say things however they come to mind, which means they might have a few choice words for Leo. Thankfully, Leo’s high sense of self will stop them from feeling too hurt by anything Sagittarius may have to say, making it easier to resolve conflict between them.

Emotions & Sex


As is typical of fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius can expect their sex life to be full of excitement and passion. Leo is a very expressive and warm lover and they tend to be the type who give in to the heat of the moment. Particularly at the beginning of the relationship when everything is new and exciting, Leo won’t be able to contain themselves around their partner.

Sagittarius is drawn in by this excitement and new thrills, and they’ll be really happy to have found someone like Leo who is on the same wavelength as them. They love to explore and get to know their new partner, so there’s sure to be fireworks between these two.

The dynamic between these two makes for an astonishing match on both a physical and an emotional level. It’s Leo’s nature to love the chase and the process of winning over a new lover. They live to charm those around them and a partner that’s difficult to catch makes the chase all the more exciting to them.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius is a wanderer, always looking for their next adventure and new experience. They hate monotony and boring routines. So Leo will constantly have to put effort into their relationship if they expect to keep Sagittarius around.

Other signs that like stability, particularly an earth sign like Taurus, would not enjoy this type of relationship at all. But for Leo, this dynamic is great. Leo is the type that gets bored with the thing they’re chasing the moment they’ve captured it. Once that new and shiny spark fades, they’re looking around for the next prize to catch. But since Sagittarius can never truly be caught, Leo will never grow bored or tired of the “hunt”.



It’s no secret that Sagittarius values change and enjoys having a relationship that is dynamic and lively. Having a good time and enjoying themselves is important to them, and this is something that Leo places a lot of value on as well.

Neither of these signs is the type to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy. Because these two are in agreement on this, they’re both willing to work towards keeping their relationship happy and fulfilling.

The truth is that neither Leo or Sagittarius are big fans of clingy partners or people who might try to tie them down. It’s obvious that Sagittarius is someone who feels most alive when they’re on the move, so a partner that tries to limit this is the wrong match for them.

Meanwhile, Leo loves the attention of the crowd and enjoys being desired by others. If their partner is prone to jealousy (like Aries) then this will certainly cause serious disagreements. But, thankfully, Sagittarius isn’t the jealous type. They’ll brush it off when others show interest in Leo because they know what Leo’s true side looks like. They also know that Leo isn’t showing it to anyone other than them.



If there was ever a pair that would make great traveling buddies, it’s Leo and Sagittarius. If Sagittarius could, they’d spend the rest of their lives wandering the whole world. And Leo is the type that is drawn to excitement and thrilling experiences.

Neither Leo nor Sagittarius are homebodies the way Gemini or Cancer tend to be. Instead, they love activities like site seeing, raves, concerts, and parties. The truth is that neither of these signs needs to have someone by their side in order to enjoy these activities— they’re good at making new friends wherever they go. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a few “favorite” people that they prefer to experience new things with. In the best-case scenario, these two will grow to be each other’s absolute favorites.

Some other activities that these two will enjoy together include visiting amusement parks and riding roller coasters, skydiving, and anything else that would give them a thrill.

Overall Compatibility Score