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Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility

Pisces & Sagittarius

Find out how compatible Pisces and Sagittarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score60%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex40%


Sagittarius and Pisces may meet at a time in their lives where they can each fill a gap for the other. Unfortunately, this may not be a sustainable match because of the vast differences in their personalities. During the time they do spend together, though, they will have a very fulfilling relationship and complement each other well.

Sagittarius is passionate and lives in the moment while Pisces is dreamy and constantly has their head in the clouds. Sagittarius is unapologetically flawed and this may cause tension when dealing with sensitive Pisces.

Despite the challenges they face, Pisces and Sagittarius could have a whirlwind romance since both of them are up for anything. They will love having new experiences together, which will strengthen their bond as a couple. While it may be difficult for this relationship to mature, if they are determined, it’s possible that these two will enjoy a lifetime of happiness by constantly surprising each other.

Communication & Intellect


This couple will have some, but not too much, difficulty when communicating with each other. Sagittarius is super straightforward and prefers in-person communication where they can get their point across effectively and passionately. Pisces is inconsistent in the way they communicate and their actions will largely depend on their mood at the time.

These potential difficulties aside, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel a sense of comfort and belonging when they’re with each other, which will bring out traits they probably didn’t know existed. Sagittarius will draw shy and reserved Pisces out of their shell with their zest and spirited demeanor that Pisces finds wildly attractive.

These two have very different intellects, however, this won’t necessarily cause a disparity between them. Sagittarius is an avid learner continuously on a journey of discovery and revelation. Pisces, on the other hand, has a very supernatural kind of intelligence. They are able to pick up on the vibes of the people around them and may even be lightworkers.

Sagittarius will love Pisces’ ability to understand them in a way that few others can. Pisces will also be impressed by Sagittarius’ vast knowledge and the way this is brought into their conversations. These two can chatter away for hours without knowing that any time has passed at all.

Emotions & Sex


When deeply emotional Pisces meets nonchalant Sagittarius, it’s awkward for them to get onto the same page emotionally. Pisces feels deeply and isn’t able to hide their emotions. While Sagittarius does have intense emotions, they tend to disregard them and won’t place too much importance on them in a relationship.

This can obviously cause issues with the relationship moving forward. Both these signs have a predisposition to depression since they struggle to convey the way they feel and this causes a rift between them. They will need to seriously put effort into handling each other’s emotional needs in order for the relationship to work.

Sex can also be challenging for this couple since Sagittarius has a carefree and adventurous approach to the act while Pisces sees it as an extension of the feelings they have for each other.

Sagittarius wants a sex life that is spontaneous and likes knowing that their partner is open to trying new things. Pisces, unfortunately, doesn’t fill that role very well. Pisces needs romance and tons of affection to feel comfortable enough to open up to a sexual relationship. While the sex between this couple won’t be all bad, ultimately, they won’t be meeting each other’s needs which will eventually lead to frustration on both their parts.



Sagittarius and Pisces will fulfill each other while they are together, but their values don’t align in a way that makes for a successful long-term relationship. Neither of these signs is very grounded – while Sagittarius craves freedom in the form of new experiences, Pisces is more preoccupied with spiritual transcendence.

When it comes to their careers, Sagittarius is focused and driven while Pisces is quite artsy and may choose to find employment in a space that will allow for this part of them to be fulfilled. They may not match each other financially, which will become a point of frustration if it hinders their ability to do things together as a couple. Sagittarius is not the type to stay in on a weekend to save a few bucks.

If this couple survives long enough to become married and build a life together, there will most probably be vast differences in the way they would want to raise their children. Sagittarius would be quite strict and want their kids to follow the rules, and Pisces would have a far more relaxed approach to parenting. This could lead to a difference of opinion when it comes to certain aspects of child-rearing.



These signs have lots of interests in common which is most likely how they will meet and fall in love. They have a great sense of adventure and will not shy away from fun adrenaline-filled activities. Sagittarius is on a constant mission to seek new thrills. Pisces, like the fish in its zodiac, is a huge lover of all activities that are water-based. It’s plausible that these preferences would have overlapped at some point to bring this couple together.

Because of their shared carefree spirit, this couple will have a great time getting their adrenaline pumping in new and exciting ways. They will enjoy traveling to unknown places simply to experience the exhilaration of finding their way around together. They may even opt to play adventure sports together.

These activities are a vital part of their bond as a couple. The only time where difficulty may arise is when social Sagittarius wants to introduce their partner to their friends. Pisces is shy and may take a while to warm up to new people, which can be a point of frustration and disagreement.

Overall Compatibility Score