Pisces and Pisces compatibility

Pisces & Pisces

Find out how compatible Pisces and Pisces are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score75%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex60%


This transcendent couple will enjoy a strong emotional relationship since both partners will love each other with reckless abandon. Pisces are sensitive people and when they experience a spark, they won’t waste any time before making things official.

This couple should be careful not to become distrusting of each other since Pisces tend to overthink things sometimes and may see red flags where they are none. Also, because they both experience emotions so deeply, if they’re both sad or upset at the same time it could be quite disastrous. This couple will need to be aware of the consequences of their similar personalities and work around these drawbacks in order to enjoy the full benefit of their match.

Communication & Intellect


Like the slippery fish, Pisces’ communication style can be inconsistent. Sometimes they can talk for hours and at other times they prefer to be silent. There may even be moments when they want to vent and be heard without being given any solutions to their problems.

Difficulty might arise in this relationship if these two are in different communication moods. If one person wants to talk and the other would rather not, they’re going to upset each other. This couple will have to cut each other some slack and figure out a way for them to communicate without causing too much frustration.

Pisces spend a lot of time in their own minds and reflect on things a lot more than the average person. They are highly intelligent and have an intuitive understanding of the world around them. When this Pisces pair is in the mood to talk, they will enjoy in-depth conversations with each other with no care for how seemingly crazy the subject matter is.

Pisces are also really emotionally intelligent and give great advice when they are asked for it. A Pisces couple will be go-to therapists for their friends and family and are happy to listen when they are in the mood to deal with the intensity of these kinds of conversations.

Emotions & Sex


Pisces are potentially the most emotional of all the zodiac signs. They experience every emotion deeply and are so sensitive that often small things can seem like a really big deal to them. Because of their emotional nature, Pisces are prone to mental health issues if they don’t get the support they need.

A Pisces couple needs to be able to handle each other’s moods and potential emotional outbursts, or else they will be doomed. Perhaps they will be more understanding of each other since they know exactly what their partner is going through. They’ll also need to spend a little extra time reassuring each other since they can both become insecure from time to time.

Sex between two Pisces is more psychological than physical. The sexual energy between this couple can almost feel like an out-of-body experience. The only thing that’s required is a strong emotional connection since Pisces need to feel attached before they feel comfortable enough being sexually involved.

Pisces sex involves a lot of eroticisms, role play, and fantasies. As long as they are comfortable around each other, nothing will stop them from exploring every part of each other’s bodies as often as they can.



Pisces live life unconventionally, so while this couple may be forced to stick to some form of employment in order to survive, they’re not too focused on having wildly successful careers. They will enjoy simple living and might even choose the van life, going where the wind (or in their case – the seas) take them.

Pisces are not materialistic. They are more concerned about the deeper secrets of the universe. This couple will not find much value in accumulating worldly possessions and would much rather spend their money on experiences that add value to their lives.

Marriage is not completely off the cards for a Pisces couple, but they’re not fussy about when it needs to happen and may even decide to ask a ship captain to marry them on a whim.

A Pisces couple would see no shame in having kids together before they’re married, and would probably have a lot of fun raising them together.

This couple won’t have much to disagree on when it comes to their lifestyle since they have similar outlooks on life. They are free spirits who will enjoy going in whichever direction life takes them.



Pisces are calm, gentle spirits and enjoy activities that offer some level of relaxation. They are, of course, crazy about water sports and could spend hours chasing waves and fishing. They love being near water in any form and might even choose to live permanently on a boat for easy access to the ocean.

If a Pisces doesn’t have access to water, they also enjoy simple activities like reading, watching TV shows, or listening to music.

A Pisces couple has no difficulty spending time together since they mostly enjoy the same activities, however, they definitely both need to be in the same mood at the same time which can be challenging with this sign.

While they usually do have friends, socialization is not a high priority for them, but they definitely require their friends to be there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on. Luckily, in a Pisces pair, they’ll always have each other.

Overall Compatibility Score