Pisces and Libra compatibility

Pisces & Libra

Find out how compatible Pisces and Libra are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score78%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex70%


The Libra-Pisces pair are astrologically compatible, not because they have a lot in common; in fact, the opposite is true. Libras are social butterflies, perhaps even too social for some signs. Fortunately, this is not a problem for Pisces; if there is any sign that can balance out Libra’s excessive energy, it is the fish of the zodiac. And Pisces are known for their adaptability, which is why the Libra-Pisces relationship will be full of fun and adventure.

Another reason the Libra-Pisces couple would be a good match is their shared love of the arts; it is a beautiful way for the lovebirds to bond while also expressing themselves. Also, one of the characteristics that both signs look for in a love match is compassion – and luckily for the couple, they both have a lot of it. Whatever other characteristics they have that may conflict with each other, they will be minor and easily overcome.

Communication & Intellect


Libra and Pisces are both intellectual signs, so they could be that couple who is completely lost in their own world, focusing solely on themselves and the many stimulating conversations they have with each other. The only time they may have a prolonged silence when they are together is if they both get into a fight, which is extremely rare.

That said, misunderstandings and fights are almost unavoidable in a relationship; a major area of communication conflict for the Libra-Pisces love pair will be decision making. The issue would be Libra’s indecisiveness due to their affinity for balance – they are always weighing the pros and cons of any situation or options presented to them. This is a trait that can be nerve-racking to their Pisces partner who would rather just get on with it and adapt along the way to achieve their goals.

Fortunately for the pair, Pisces can be bold in their choices, but they are flexible and are willing to make a U-turn when presented with a reasonable counter-opinion, which may be the case when Libra finally decides. Also, the Libra-Scorpio couple dislikes confrontations and is always willing to compromise. Their approach to conflict will be to sit down and talk things out, with Pisces leading the way.

Emotions & Sex


The Pisces-Libra duo will have a balanced emotional bond because of their complementary qualities and traits. Even though, in comparison to Pisces, Libra appears to be less emotional. That is not the case. Yes, they can appear detached in situations where Pisces may exhibit very strong emotion, but this is due to their proclivity for balance. Libras can weigh both sides of a coin objectively and see the big picture, which is why they seem like they rarely get angry, excited, or too emotional about anything.

Pisces, on the other hand, is known for their emotional complexities. Despite being the most emotional of the Zodiac signs, they tend to show their emotions only around people with whom they feel safe. Once they get comfortable, they can become very emphatic partners. Pisces will feel strongly about anything related to their love. But, Pisces are unlikely to find their Libra partner’s flirtatious behavior amusing. To be fair to Libra, it could just be harmless fun because they are such social creatures. Pisces will have to learn to let their butterfly fly free and rest assured that they will always return home. Libra will need to tone down their flirting for the sake of their partner.

That said, the Libra-Pisces love pair will never have a boring sex life. Pisces is the master of the act of seduction, and will be able to stir Libra’s desires to heated pitch; Libra who loves the romance of it all will enjoy themselves thoroughly. Libra is also very expressive when it comes to sex, they will watch their Pisces like a hawk, looking for what they like and doing everything they can to give as much pleasure as they receive.



The Libra-Pisces pair has values that are compatible and work well together. Where one sign is weak, the other sign is most likely strong.

Libra places a high value on harmony and balance. They also value equality and fairness for all; they have a strong sense of right and wrong, which causes them to choose their words carefully. This is also why they are perceived as people pleasers. This ‘people pleasing’ trait, however, is what allows them to get along so well with Pisces.

Libras are also well-rounded people due to their affinity for balance, which makes them compatible with many zodiac signs, including their Pisces lover. They value companionship and are always surrounded by friends, though they are more likely to be drawn to people of high intellectual ability.

Pisces are emphatic and generous people who value the same qualities in others, which is why they are drawn to Libra. Pisces also values the arts – another area where the Libra-Pisces pair has a strong connection. If they don’t get too attached to the outcome, the Libra-Scorpio couple can accomplish almost anything they set out to do together. Otherwise, they’ll spend most of their time daydreaming rather than acting on their ideas.



Pisces are drawn to activities that allow them to express their emotions. They are naturally creative, and as a result, they are captivated by all forms of creative art, including music, paintings, poetry, plays, and more. They are also avid readers, so they enjoy the chance to have a lengthy and stimulating conversation about their favorite authors and artists.

Libras are drawn to all that is beautiful in life; luxury items, fine arts, and more. Hence, they constantly seek out environments and activities that appeal to their high taste for luxury. Libras make excellent fashion designers, art critics, and interior designers.

Because the Libra-Pisces pair have such similar interests, they will enjoy a lot of leisure activities together. This is a couple whose social calendar might be filled with movie nights, gallery openings, fine dining, spa dates, and more.

Another thing they have in common is a love of adventure. The Libra-Pisces love pair will jump at the chance to try any activity that piques their interest because they are able to be spontaneous when they want to be. They are also very happy, upbeat signs who thrive in a peaceful environment, so a walk in nature is always in order for this couple.

Overall Compatibility Score