Pisces and Leo compatibility

Pisces & Leo

Find out how compatible Pisces and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score13%
Communication & Intellect10%
Emotions & Sex10%


The truth is that Leo and Pisces are polar opposites— Leo is a fire sign and Pisces is a water sign. And in this case, it’s hard to say that opposites attract. From communication to intimacy, to overall trust, these two are on different wavelengths. Leo’s assertive style will come off as abrasive for Pisces who needs patience and kindness to feel safe.

While it’s not impossible for these two to make it work, they will both have to go against their fundamental natures to get there. And in the long term, these behavior changes might just prove to be too much for these two to maintain.

Communication & Intellect


Leo is outgoing, charming, and charismatic in everything they do. They love being the center of attention and showing off. They’re flirty, social, and very vocal when it comes to expressing their feelings.

While Pisces is also social and warm, their way of expressing themselves is completely different. They’re also emotional and open about expressing their feelings, but not in the same way Leo is. Pisces expresses their feelings because they have a strong need to feel understood and accepted. And to help their partner understand and accept them, they explain in great detail what they’re feeling, the moment they feel it.

The problem with this is that Leo has a habit of not being the best listener. In fact, Leo is the kind of fire sign who’s waiting for you to finish speaking just so they can tell you what they’re thinking. Leo also has a habit of getting over-excited and yelling (whether they’re happy or upset), which can be very overwhelming for the sensitive Pisces.

In general, Pisces doesn’t do well with aggressive or abrasive communication. And with Leo, this is what they will likely get. So for these two to make it work, Pisces either needs to develop some thick skin, or Leo needs to tone it down significantly. Unfortunately, both of these directly contradict their true natures.

These two are also on different wavelengths when it comes to intelligence. Leo approaches intelligence with the intent of impressing the other person. They win people over by showing off how smart they are and they want to be admired.

Pisces has a deeper, more creative approach to intelligence. They want to share their thinking with Leo as a means of connecting emotionally, not to display how smart they are. Overall, these two will have a hard time getting on the same wavelength.

Emotions & Sex


While Pisces has no problem expressing their emotions, they tend to be sensitive, and they expect their partner to keep this in mind. The fastest way to push Pisces away is to be aggressive or abrasive. Pisces wants a more tender and affectionate touch and they need to feel safe and secure with their partner before they’re ready for intimacy. This is something Leo will have a very difficult time delivering on.

Leo is almost always the dominant partner in their relationships since they like to feel in charge and to set the pace. This dominant nature might have had the potential to work for Pisces (who’s happy to let someone else take the wheel) but it’s unlikely that Leo will approach the situation correctly. Their aggressive nature will scare Pisces away, making them close themselves off in self-defense.

Furthermore, these two are very likely to have a hard time establishing trust with one another. Leo is charming and charismatic. While this doesn’t mean that they’ll be unfaithful to Pisces, they’re certainly not going to give up their flirtatious style. Leo loves being admired and desired by others, and in their mind, as long as they don’t cross any lines, they’re not doing anything wrong.

But for Pisces, this kind of behavior can be seen as a betrayal. Because Pisces so openly shows their partner love and affection, seeing them soliciting attention from other people will be very hurtful. Pisces won’t be able to understand that this is just how Leo is and instead, they’ll feel like Leo is acting this way because their own affections aren’t enough.

Pisces won’t be able to trust Leo and they’ll likely feel bad about themselves. Leo won’t understand why Pisces feels this way and the result will be a lot of wounded egos and hurt feelings.



Because Leo is a competitive fire sign, they really value the feeling of “winning”. They want to be the best at whatever they’re doing and they want other people to know they’re the best.

The free-spirited, dreamy Pisces doesn’t care about winning at all. Therefore, they won’t be able to understand why Leo places so much value on winning, and in the worst-case scenario, will grow to resent them. Leo’s desire to always be number one will be seen as selfish by Pisces.

Pisces also tends to have a problem with following through with things. They certainly have big dreams and lofty goals, but they definitely have that do-or-die kind of attitude that Leo does. Their laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of approach isn’t something that Leo will be able to understand. Leo may even grow to see Pisces as flaky, as opposed to free-spirited, and this can cause problems between the two.



Because these two have such different approaches to life, they’ll have a hard time finding things to do that they’ll both enjoy. Leo’s idea of a good time usually involves lively, action-packed things, like going to a sporting event or hanging out in large groups.

Pisces enjoys more abstract kinds of activities, like music, art, and film. These kinds of hobbies don’t line up with Leo’s need for action and adventure, which means they’ll likely find them boring and unenjoyable.

Something that these two might enjoy together would be a lively concert. Pisces can enjoy the music and creative nature of the show, while Leo can thrive on the energy of the crowd.

Overall Compatibility Score