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Pisces and Capricorn compatibility

Pisces & Capricorn

Find out how compatible Pisces and Capricorn are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score68%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex90%


This is a couple that hates to love each other but at the same time finds each other completely irresistible. They may potentially have an on-again off-again relationship, but because of their magnetic attraction, they somehow always seem to find their way back to each other.

Pisces and Capricorn have differences that complement each other very well. While Capricorn is the breadwinner who takes care of all the nitty-gritty boring admin tasks in a relationship, Pisces is the homemaker who fills the house with love and warmth.

They may have some difficulty with Capricorn’s controlling nature since Pisces loathes being controlled. They could also find themselves in hot water with Pisces’ sensitivity since Capricorn is not always very conscious of the way they speak.

Aside from one or two potential roadblocks, if this couple finds balance in each other, they will have a very happy life together.

Communication & Intellect


This couple places importance on their communication with each other, so it’s safe to say that if there are differences in their communication styles, they will find a way to meet each other halfway. While Pisces can be quite reserved and reluctant to open up at first, once trust has been established they are an open book. Capricorn is a great listener and definitely not a bad verbal communicator, but they do prefer to get their point across in writing.

This couple might encounter difficulty with Pisces’ sensitivity, and Capricorn will have to tread lightly and make a concerted effort to be mindful of the way they convey their message. In these cases, it may even be worthwhile to get their thoughts out on text or email so that they can take the time to reflect on what they’re choosing to say before hitting that send button.

Intellectually, these signs are quite different, but this doesn’t have much impact on their mental connection. It may however have a considerable role to play in the way they make decisions for their future. While Capricorn is pragmatic and logical in the way they approach certain situations, Pisces relies on their wisdom and is guided by their instincts. If Pisces’ gut is telling them something, Capricorn may be hard to convince if it doesn’t appear to be the most practical solution.

This couple will have to compromise in their decision-making process and find a method that allows both of them to be as satisfied with the outcome as possible. Capricorn should also try to trust Pisces a little more because the fish is known for being wise beyond their years.

Emotions & Sex


While both Capricorn and Pisces are emotional beings who overthink every situation, their souls are able to recognize that in each other and help make each other feel as secure as possible. They share a special connection and once they have bonded, it can be very difficult for them to live without each other.

Things may get prickly if Capricorn doesn’t know how to properly show their feelings or if Pisces gets too sensitive and emotional in situations that don’t warrant it. This couple will have to be conscious of each other’s quirks and find ways to get around them.

When it comes to their intimacy, Capricorn and Pisces love being all over each other. Although Capricorn is not the most romantic of the zodiac signs, their love for Pisces inspires that in them. They both require a level of trust before they will open up sexually and this makes their connection even stronger.

Both these signs can be sexually adventurous once they start to feel really comfortable with their partner, so if they manage to get to this point with each other they will truly find sexual freedom in each other’s arms.



While they seem to have low compatibility when it comes to their values, the fact that they place importance on different things is actually what makes Capricorn and Pisces perfect for each other.

Capricorn is really hardworking and ambitious. They aspire to have a wildly successful career and will not settle for mediocrity. They are determined enough to not stop working for something until they have achieved it – no matter how outrageous their goals are.

Pisces is far more relaxed in their approach to life. They are the artists, musicians, and therapists of the world. Although they may choose to have a career, they find more joy in bringing beauty and love into the world than any satisfaction they could get from financial gain.

If this couple is able to accept these qualities in each other, they will complement each other very well. Capricorn would be the partner who takes care of their financial needs while Pisces builds the home and raises the kids. There is beauty in their symbiosis.



It is possible for this couple to find some common ground in terms of their interests. Capricorn is very introverted and will always opt to pass their time in a way that involves as little social interaction as possible – if any at all. Pisces is not extroverted per se but doesn’t mind spending time with the people they love and really enjoys outdoor water sports.

On their day off, you’ll find Capricorn binge-watching their favorite series, gardening or creating art in some form or the other. They do enjoy eating great food, so that could make for some fun restaurant dates with Pisces.

Pisces is typically really chilled in their hobby preferences. They want to be able to relax but have fun while doing so. They love any activity that will get their feet wet, even if that means hanging out in the pool at home.

Overall, this couple may have to compromise a bit when choosing how to spend time together. Neither of them will be able to remain in their comfort zone at all times.

Overall Compatibility Score