Pisces and
Cancer compatibility

Pisces & Cancer

Find out how compatible Pisces and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score68%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex60%


The Cancer-Pisces zodiac match is so complementary that they fit together like a glove. They are one of the zodiac pairings that fall for each other at first sight. These two signs are so compatible because they have a strong emotional connection that’s driven by their compassionate and kind natures.

It is a healthy mix of similar personalities for the Cancer-Pisces love pair. Pisces can be very selfless and will prioritize Cancer’s feelings over their own. Cancer will reciprocate the affection by keeping an eye on and protecting their Pisces partner.

Together, they are an unstoppable force. They will go to any length to help each other achieve their goals, relying on each other’s strengths where they are weak. As a result, the Cancer-Pisces pair often build a relationship that is the envy of many.

Communication & Intellect


Communication between the Cancer-Pisces pair will almost be telepathic because they understand each other so well. Pisces has this uncanny ability for saying the right things at the right time. This is one of the reasons Cancer is attracted to them. It’s difficult not to like Pisces. They are genuine and value honesty, and this shines through in their interactions with the Cancer partner.

However, unlike other equally radically honest zodiac signs, Pisces communicates their thoughts and opinions with empathy because they genuinely care about the people in their lives – in this case, Cancer. Cancer, on the other hand, will make every effort to listen to their Pisces partner’s opinions. However, this is not always the case…

Trouble arises for the couple when Cancer feels threatened by the fact that Pisces can still read them like a book even when they are moody and guarded (as they frequently are). Cancer prefers to speak only when they are ready.

And, as agreeable as Pisces is, they get carried away easily and tend to drift into a world of fantasies, which may be a problem for the pragmatic Cancer who prefers to deal with real and practical topics and information.

If Pisces learns that it’s okay to postpone certain discussions and Cancer learns that not everything has to be so serious, the Cancer-Pisces love match will be able to use their communication quirks to strengthen their love match.

Emotions & Sex


One disadvantage of the Cancer-Pisces couple’s deep emotional bond is that their relationship is frequently an emotional roller-coaster.

The Cancer-Pisces relationship is either very good or very bad; there is no in-between for the lovebirds. One minute, both partners are snuggled up and inseparable, and the next, they can’t stand the sight of each other. All of this is, of course, due to the planetary influences that rule each sign and their relationship; they are both water signs and can be very extreme with their emotions.

To make the Cancer-Pisces love match work long term, they must try not to revolve their entire worlds around each other. They need to have experiences apart from each other and nurture their other relationships, such as those with family and friends.

Sex is one area where the Cancer-Pisces lovers will not click right away. Cancer is very conservative in the bedroom, which can be very frustrating for their Pisces partner, who has a very high sex drive once they trust their partner.

Pisces needs to explore all of their fantasies in the bedroom, but they will have to slow down and allow Cancer to level up or match their energy due to their natural conservative attitude toward sex.

Once this occurs, Cancer-Pisces will have a lot of steamy lovemaking sessions and a powerful and dynamic sex life.



This is where their personalities differ the most. While both Cancer and Pisces are emotionally compatible and value displays of affection, honesty, and loyalty in a relationship, Cancers are more pragmatic in their approach to life. Pisces on the other hand is the dreamer of the pair.

As such, the Cancer-Pisces couple may have varying expectations for their relationship.

Cancer will appreciate a stable and solid emotional relationship as well as a simple way of life. Pisces crave intensely passionate relationships because they get bored easily with routines, and will be disappointed at the reality of the day-to-day life of a relationship. Because Cancers value stability, they may have a problem with Pisces’ desire for adventure and may feel emotionally neglected if Pisces is unwilling to tone down this flighty aspect of their personality.

On the bright side, the Cancer-Pisces pair frequently finds a way to balance things out. Cancer is a very adoring partner who will do many of the things Pisces values, such as surprises and public displays of affection. Cancer will find an understanding partner in Pisces who can deal with their mood swings.



Cancer is a homebody, so they are likely to be involved in activities such as cooking or gardening. When they feel the need to relax and explore their intellectual side, they pick a book and read.

Pisces, the gentlest souls in the zodiac, are such water babies. They enjoy water sports and activities such as surfing and swimming. Pisces can be quite the social butterfly as well because they are good with people.

When the Cancer-Pisces love birds first meet, it will appear that they have a lot of interests in common because they want to spend time together, but as time passes, both parties will realize that they may not have as many interests in common as they first thought.

For any other pairing this might be a problem, but not for these two. The few interests that they share, such as interior decorating and movies, they will do a lot of. This is a couple that will be content with their many Netflix-and-chill moments and will enjoy throwing themselves into shopping for and redecorating their home yearly.

Overall Compatibility Score