Pisces and Aries compatibility

Pisces & Aries

Find out how compatible Pisces and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score58%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex50%


Aries and Pisces have quite contrasting personalities, so they are quite an unlikely match. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t work well together though. Aries is direct and isn’t afraid to go after what they want, while Pisces is a bit more passive and allows themself to be led in the relationship. This means that their union can be quite symbiotic so long as both parties are happy to accept their roles and do not become frustrated by them.

It may sound contradictory, but although Pisces has the tendency to be a dreamer, they are easily able to keep Aries grounded. They are far more stable and consistent and are able to bring a harmonious balance to a relationship that Aries thrives on. Because of Aries’ love for big romantic gestures, they’re often the force that will help Pisces make their dreams a reality, ultimately manifesting a lot more happiness in the relationship.

Communication & Intellect


At the start of a relationship, communication between Aries and Pisces may be extremely challenging. Pisces tends to get lost in their thoughts a lot and struggles to effectively communicate what they’re feeling because of their tendency to overthink what the other person’s reaction will be.

Aries is also not the greatest communicator, but luckily for this match, Aries has the persistence to do everything in their power to get to the bottom of any problem and fix discontent in the relationship.

It’s important to note that as this couple becomes more and more familiar with each other, Pisces will open up a lot and communication will become a lot easier, provided that there is patience on both ends at the very beginning.

While Pisces may be a lot more intellectually gifted than Aries, this most likely won’t cause much contention in a relationship. Pisces is not arrogant nor very upfront about their intelligence.

Pisces’ smarts can also often come in the form of emotional intelligence that will allow them to gain a real understanding of Aries’ wild, silly side and see the true vulnerability behind it. This couple can learn a lot from each other, regardless of anyone’s IQ.

Emotions & Sex


Aries and Pisces have no trouble at all when it comes to falling in love. Aries, as always, is direct about their intentions and desires from the very beginning of the union. Pisces has a tendency to romanticize the connection and may spend a lot of time thinking about what the future might hold between them and a potential partner. But once Pisces has invested emotionally, they love with reckless abandon.

This couple will thrill each other with a relationship filled with blissful moments that are simplistic in nature, but deep and meaningful for their connection. They are expressive in their gestures of love toward each other, and this really helps strengthen the bond that they have.

Unfortunately, their great romantic connection doesn’t always translate so well to the bedroom. While Aries has a wild, spontaneous streak and craves gratification on demand, Pisces may not be as adventurous, which can lead to sexual discord.

The key to a successful intimate relationship between Aries and Pisces is patience and truly getting comfortable with each other on a deeper level. Once Pisces starts to feel more security in the connection, they open up and become a lot more receptive to trying new things.



Aries and Pisces are not so different from each other in that they both value experiences and not things. The big distinction, however, is that Aries lives far more in the physical while Pisces is an extremely spiritual being. This can sometimes lead to contrasting views on life itself and may even filter through into their belief systems. Fortunately, Aries and Pisces can act as the voice of reason for each other and broaden each other’s horizons of thinking.

Another major difference is that Aries has a very strong sense of self importance and individuality that can sometimes lead to selfish behaviour. This stems from a life of independence that can make the transition into a relationship slightly more challenging. It’s helpful then that Pisces has a patient nature and the emotional intelligence needed to understand Aries’ way of thinking.

Realistically, this pair works well together because of Aries’ dominant nature and Pisces’ tendency to be more submissive. This ultimately means that Aries desires a partner who will let them lead and set the tone for the relationship, and Pisces is happy to oblige in filling this role. They complement each other in a way that makes for a long lasting companionship.



Aries is the daredevil who is always looking for their next thrill. Pisces on the other hand is the real life embodiment of Crush, the turtle in Finding Nemo. They are chilled, relaxed and looking for experiences that fulfill their spiritual desires more than their physical ones.

You may find Aries engaging in rigorous, high energy activities that get their adrenaline pumping. They love sports, adventure-seeking, and even video games. They love the feeling of achieving and being successful in their endeavors, so they automatically seek out activities that give them this rush.

While Pisces may enjoy more serene ventures, they are by no means lazy. They enjoy water sports like surfing and feel revitalised by spending time meditating. Some Pisces even use recreational drugs for the way it allows them to transcend the physical.

Although it may seem like there are major differences between this couple’s interests, there are definitely some shared points of interest where they will be able to find common ground on which to spend time with each other. A key factor is that both Aries and Pisces enjoy experiences, so even if they take the opportunity to spend time doing something the other person prefers, it can still be enjoyable for the mere fact that it is something new to partake in.

Overall Compatibility Score