Pisces and Aquarius compatibility

Pisces & Aquarius

Find out how compatible Pisces and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score58%
Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex50%


These zodiac neighbors don’t have much in common, but they have magnetic chemistry that causes them to gravitate towards each other. While Aquarius is not an easy sign to tie down, there’s something enigmatic about Pisces that attracts them, and they really love the challenge they find in this seduction.

Pisces and Aquarius both have a tendency to give a lot of their time and resources to other people, so they should be certain to make time for each other and themselves. They may not always understand each other’s way of thinking, but they appreciate each other’s bizarre and quirky personalities enough to stick around.

Despite their bond and attraction, this pair has many differences to overcome and compromises will have to be made in order for them to have a successful long-term relationship.

Communication & Intellect


Aquarius is a great communicator and they are usually the type to assess a situation thoroughly before deciding on their response to it. Pisces is not as effective in their communication style, however, once they start to trust their partner they will feel safe enough to open up and be the most honest version of themselves possible.

This couple may struggle to relate to each other’s differing belief systems, so a conversation on this topic may result in a stalemate. Pisces may start to become more sensitive as this couple’s deep differences become more apparent. It will take a lot of effort and communication for these signs to be more understanding and respectful of each other.

Both these signs are dreamers and creative thinkers that will have great fun imagining anything and everything together. Realistically, though, they lack the compatibility to make these dreams come true. Aquarius has an intellectual superiority when compared to most other signs, and this is reflected in the way they approach life. Pisces does not have equal critical thinking abilities and this may become a point of contention for the couple.

On the other hand, Aquarius will have admiration for their Pisces partner’s intuition when it comes to helping others in their time of need. This is something that both of them are passionate about, so Pisces’ aptitude in this regard will make things easier in their social efforts.

Emotions & Sex


Aquarius and Pisces both have deep emotions, but there are a lot of challenges preventing this couple from truly connecting on this level. Aquarius has great difficulty showing their emotion, and if they don’t convey it in the right way, this may not sit well with delicate Pisces. Pisces sensitivity could also become overwhelming for Aquarius after a while since Aquarius does not hold emotional matters in high regard and doesn’t really have the patience to deal with the drama.

Despite this, these signs have the potential to fulfill each other’s emotional needs if they learn to be understanding of what the other requires and try not to let their own issues get in the way. They are both really passionate and will offer great support and love to each other.

At first, there may be difficulties for this couple sexually since Pisces requires an emotional connection and loads of romance to feel sexually satisfied, and Aquarius doesn’t care much for this. Aquarius also may expect too much variety too quickly, which Pisces may not be prepared for.

This couple will need to be conscious of each other’s sexual styles, because if they are able to adapt just a little, Pisces will blossom under Aquarius’ touch and lose their inhibition. All Aquarius needs to do is show a little extra tenderness and the sparks will fly. Pisces and Aquarius may take a while to sexually synchronize, but once they do their lovemaking can be incredibly freeing for both of them.



This couple may struggle to connect with their vastly different ideologies in life. Aquarius is really down to earth and is usually a person who is guided by science and hard facts. Pisces is far more spiritually guided in their thinking and will make decisions based on what the universe is telling them.

The one thing that both Aqaurius and Pisces hold dear is their love for other people. This spills over from the basic adoration for their friends and family and extends to all of humankind. They are equally passionate in their desire to help those in need or to get involved in their chosen humanitarian efforts. This is something they will really love about each other.

This match may or may not choose a traditional path of marriage and kids since both of them are non-conformists. However, if they do choose this path, they will likely execute it differently than most other couples. Their children will be raised in a rather unconventional household and they will lead a lifestyle that is outside of the norm.



This couple is not too different in their interests that they won’t be able to find activities they both enjoy. Aquarius, the intellectual, loves challenges or any activity that relies on an objective that needs to be achieved. They will be happy to spend time playing video games, doing puzzles, or even being outdoors competing in team or adventure sports. Their chosen community work is also something they enjoy spending time on.

Pisces, ever the fish, enjoys spending time in or around water. They will most often want to live near the ocean or close to a lake so that their free time can be spent surfing, diving, or playing other water-related sports. If they aren’t getting their toes wet, you’ll probably find them relaxing with a book or their favorite TV show.

This couple will be able to find some overlap in their interests and spend time together quite often. They will undoubtedly enjoy doing their volunteer work together and will easily bond over this shared passion.

Overall Compatibility Score