Libra and Virgo compatibility

Libra & Virgo

Find out how compatible Libra and Virgo are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score25%
Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex10%


While both Virgo and Libra tend to have quiet and somewhat reserved natures, these similarities are likely to be the very reason why their relationship fails to take off.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and they are the type who is looking to find their other half as soon as possible. They have a tendency to fall in love quickly, and they expect things to move fast.

Virgo, on the other hand, is very shy and timid, and it takes them a long time to feel comfortable enough to let their relationship progress to the next level. On top of this, both of these signs tend to be indecisive, and don’t like being forced to make decisions. And when no one is willing to take the wheel, then the relationship won’t get anywhere.

Communication & Intellect


Libra is the diplomat and peacemaker of the zodiac. If there’s one thing Libra isn’t going to do, it’s rock the boat. Their peaceful nature can sometimes cause their opinion or voice to be drowned out when there are loud characters in the room. But thankfully, Virgo isn’t one of them.

Virgo approaches communication the same way they approach pretty much everything else— through a lens of analysis and practicality. This makes it unlikely that these two will get into many arguments. Libra prioritizes objectivity and fairness because they prefer calm and peaceful interactions. Virgo arrives at the same place, but they do so coming from an analytical angle.

One area where these two will face difficulties is when it comes to making decisions. Libra is known for being indecisive and sticking to the fence, rather than choosing sides or making up their mind. Meanwhile, Virgo tends to have a very shy and timid nature. With no one willing to step up and take charge, these two will find themselves in a difficult situation. Someone will have to take the lead, or their relationship will fail. But it’s not in either of their natures to do so, making the whole thing hard to navigate.

Emotions & Sex


The truth is that when it comes to emotions and sex, Libra and Virgo have some serious challenges. They’re not at all on the same wavelength, and this will likely cause hurt feelings.

Virgo has some serious emotional struggles in that they dismiss their own feelings as insignificant, and are unwilling to recognize them as correct, or even meaningful. Some other signs are well-equipped to help them deal with this struggle, but Libra is not one of them.

Virgo is also very shy and timid when it comes to intimacy. It takes them a very long time to feel safe enough to be vulnerable in front of a new partner.

Meanwhile, Libra is the type that hates being alone and is always looking for their soulmate. They have a habit of throwing themselves into relationships and falling hard and fast. They believe in love at first sight and get into relationships with the intention of them progressing and moving towards marriage.

All of this is more than enough to scare Virgo away. If Libra finds Virgo attractive, they’ll be trying to initiate something physical with them as soon as possible. This will completely freak Virgo out, pushing them away way before they even have a chance to build a relationship.



There’s a lot of room for tension to develop between Virgo and Libra since their core values will cause them to behave in ways that are very much at odds with one another.

Virgo values order above all else. Virgo is prone to anxiety, and they manage this anxiety by creating and sticking to a system for everything. They are perfectionists and have a bad habit of being overly-critical, especially when it comes to themselves. To make sure they perform at their best in their professional and personal lives, they do things orderly and methodically. This can often result in them overworking themselves.

This sort of behavior doesn’t bode well with Libra. Libra values balance above all else. They’re not going to work weeks of overtime or do anything in excess when they don’t see any reason to. They want to feel like both their internal and external worlds are balanced, and Virgo’s anxiety will certainly rock the boat.

As we said, Libra’s desire to find “the one” often causes them to move too fast in their relationships. Virgo wants something slow and steady, and this just won’t work for Libra. Without many values in common, these two will face serious challenges as a couple.



Virgo and Libra manage to share some common hobbies, but it’s not unlikely that these activities are enjoyed better as friends, instead of romantic partners.

Essentially, these two would enjoy peaceful activities together: gardening, arts and crafts, painting, making music. Virgo likes things that are neat and orderly, and Libra likes creative and tranquil activities.

These two would also enjoy activities like peaceful walks in nature, or movie nights. Although they’d need to find a good system for choosing what they’ll watch because neither of them will be able to make a decision on their own.

The problem is that when these two are spending time together on these activities, Libra will likely want to push their relationship forward, whereas Virgo will enjoy the time they have to get to know each other slowly. So if Libra is trying to take things to the next level in a way that makes Virgo feel pressured, then neither of them will end up having a good time together.

In this case, it might be best for these two to do these activities as friends, as this would remove the pressure and expectation of romance off their shoulders, and allow them to just enjoy each other’s company.

Overall Compatibility Score