Libra and Taurus compatibility

Libra & Taurus

Find out how compatible Libra and Taurus are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score38%
Communication & Intellect20%
Emotions & Sex40%


When they first meet, the Libra-Taurus couple will be smitten. Libra’s charm is what draws Taurus in, while Libra is attracted to Taurus’s strength and groundedness. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, these two will always share a special connection.

While this can be a spicy relationship in the beginning, It’s often Libra’s indecisiveness and the stubbornness of Taurus that leads to conflict in this connection.

A Taurus partner takes a more tender, loving, and committed approach to relationships early on, while a Libra partner needs time to build a deeper, more meaningful connection. Unfortunately, this often means they don’t quite know how to please each other, particularly on an emotional level.

This can potentially be a good match, but only if they can both align on some of their goals and work through their communication problems.

Communication & Intellect


If you find yourself in a Taurus-Libra partnership, don’t be surprised at how quickly you butt heads. Taureans know what they want and are very goal-orientated, especially when it comes to finances. Libras, on the other hand, tend to change their priorities and mind quite often. Unfortunately, this means these two signs can get on each other’s nerves regularly.

And since the way that these two signs communicate can be vastly different, they never quite get to a point where they see eye to eye. Even if they are genuinely communicating in the best way they know how, it will somehow still miss the mark. This often has a lot to do with how they both show love and appreciation. A Taurean partner is more about acts of service, while a Libra partner will provide their partner with compliments and their time.

If they choose to pursue a long-term relationship or marriage, they may end up needing the help of a therapist for communication problems.

Emotions & Sex


When it comes to intimacy and passion, particularly in the beginning, the Taurus-Libra couple seem to work well – even more so in the bedroom. Taurus loves Libra’s creativity in the bedroom and Libra likes the fact that Taurus draws out sensuality.

However, Libra’s flightiness might become an issue once Taurus shows signs of wanting to get serious. On the plus side, because a Taurus takes a slower, more steady approach to love, rest assured they are absolutely certain of their feelings for you.

Libra adores the feeling of being in love, especially those butterflies right at the beginning. A Taurus really needs to reel them in so that they don’t get spooked once things get more intimate later on in the connection. Libras have no problem changing their minds, which is why Taureans need to tread carefully, something they are not always too keen on.

Both signs love to be swept off their feet but Libra can spend too much time looking for faults and reasons why it won’t work in the long run. Taurus also has a habit of not giving Libra enough space, which can drive them away faster.

In order for this to work, they both can’t overthink things and would do best to just go with the flow.



Both Taurus and Libra value intimacy, luxury, and a steadfast relationship, but they might value these things in different ways. For example, while Taurus wants a tender and deeper relationship, Libra is happy with a serious relationship where things are relaxed and flexible.

Even though their values can sometimes differ, this couple can appreciate how committed each person is to what they want. In fact, this is often what keeps them together.

Where Taureans value a slow but steady pace in life, Libras prefer to keep things exciting, which is why they are known for changing their minds. Over the long term, Libra’s need for constant change can cause upheaval and a general disconnect between these two partners.

Overall, both signs want to live well and with abundance though, something they can both work towards, but probably in different ways.



It won’t generally be difficult for this pair to find things to do together, provided it’s not something that bores the other. Even though Taureans prefer to spend time doing things around the house, they definitely won’t pass up the chance to walk around a cozy art gallery or dine at a fancy restaurant – activities that Libras enjoy too.

Libra does appreciate Taurus’s efforts to introduce new things into the mix, even if it is at home. However, don’t expect to do everything with your partner if you find yourself in this relationship.

If the Taurus-Libra couple can find activities that fit in with their love for beautiful things and experiences, they shouldn’t have a problem spending quality time together regularly.

To make this connection work, compromise is required as well as plenty of space for Libra, especially in the beginning.

Overall Compatibility Score