Libra and Libra compatibility

Libra & Libra

Find out how compatible Libra and Libra are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score85%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex70%


Libras are truly the relationship experts among all the zodiac signs. They are attentive lovers who constantly strive to make sure their partner is fulfilled and happy. As you can imagine, two people who constantly put effort into their relationship create a blissful partnership where nothing is lacking.

One of the few reasons why difficulty may arise with this match is that both partners are a bit out of touch with reality. They live life in an idealistic way and sometimes forget to prepare for a rainy day. If the couple encounters difficulty down the line, it may place strain on their relationship because it will take them completely by surprise.

Communication & Intellect


Libras are not necessarily bad communicators, they simply struggle with conversation in real-time. This is because of their intrinsic need to say exactly the right thing all the time, so when they’re speaking to someone who says something unexpected it can really overwhelm them.

Because of this, Libras are really great at written communication. They take the time to respond appropriately and in a way that is sensitive to the receiving party’s feelings. This is what makes a relationship between two Libras ideal – neither one of them will feel the need to have any serious discussions face to face. Their communication preferences match perfectly. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’ll never speak to each other at all since they’re usually able to have a light-hearted conversation with ease.

Libras are unassumingly intelligent too. They have a way of thinking that transcends the usual plane of thought that most people consider. Because of their desire to maintain balance, they often look at situations from every possible point of view and consider every possible outcome before making a decision on how to move forward.

This characteristic is really great for a relationship between two Libras since it means that neither partner will ever irrationally act in a way that hurts the other. Despite this, Libras sometimes have the tendency to overlook negative characteristics in their partner because of their need to please people. This can be unhealthy if it means that they’ll stay stuck in a toxic relationship.

Emotions & Sex


Libras do feel deep emotions, however, they struggle to show them because they’re often very afraid of causing discord in a relationship. A Libra will only show emotions when they know for certain that they will be well-received by their partner. This usually means that positive, loving emotions are communicated with ease, while anger or frustration is repressed.

This attitude to emotions can really cause difficulty if one partner in this relationship takes advantage of this characteristic. It could lead to unhealthy, toxic behavior that neither person benefits from in the long term. This couple will need to be cognizant of this thought pattern and make sure they find a healthy way to confront the things in their relationship that make them unhappy.

Libras are certainly not the wild, kinky type when it comes to their sexual preferences. They need an intellectual and emotional connection to balance the physical desire they experience. Two Libras in a relationship won’t be ripping each other’s clothes off at every opportunity they get, but when they are in bed you can be certain that both of them will make the effort to give their partner the best experience possible.

It’s usually quite difficult to seduce a Libra because they aren’t motivated much by sex, but when two Libras meet, their mutual connection creates chemistry that they both really enjoy. This couple will most certainly never have a sex life that starts off super hot and then dies down after a period of time. Their chemistry will remain consistent throughout their entire relationship.



Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and constantly crave joy and being surrounded by beauty. This means that they will generally make sure that they are successful enough to afford everything they want. Two Libras in a relationship will remain driven and career-focused and motivate each other to fulfill their true potential.

This couple will generally have goals that are well aligned and won’t have any qualms about each other’s workload or availability. They will have a timeline in place for marriage and kids that they both agree on.

When this couple does eventually have children, they will aim to create the perfect balanced lives for their kids, ensuring that they succeed equally academically, culturally, and in sports. There will rarely be any debates on parenting techniques since both partners have similar mindsets.

While others might view Libras as materialistic, this won’t be an issue between the couple since they both place value on the things they own. Overall, this match would be really content building the home of their dreams together.



Libras really love the finer things in love, so naturally, their hobbies and interests emulate this. A Libra couple will enjoy dinner dates spent fine dining, attending the opera together, and hosting dinner parties for elite guests.

This couple will have little to no difficulty spending time together since their interests are completely aligned. There is no chance that one person would prefer to spend an evening lazing on the couch while the other is getting dressed up for a night out. This couple prefers to live their life to the fullest and will spend all their free time having great experiences.

Because of their financial success, money is no object for a Libra match. They love to travel and enjoy activities like painting, attending shows, and socializing. They have excellent taste and a real eye for the arts.

This couple will fit into each other’s social circle with ease since they will both have friends that share interests that are similar to theirs. One thing’s for sure – this couple’s wedding will be the social event of the year!

Overall Compatibility Score