Libra and Cancer compatibility

Libra & Cancer

Find out how compatible Libra and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score50%
 Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex60%


It’s possible that Cancer and Libra could have a very harmonious relationship. Both these signs place a lot of value on emotional and intellectual connections and with this as a foundation, they can build a beautiful life together.

Libra is an attentive, thoughtful partner who will give Cancer the security they need in order to thrive in the relationship. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra’s need for balance and beauty will easily be met by Cancer who provides a stable and idyllic home life.

Strife may arise between this couple if they don’t communicate their grievances effectively, so it’s important for both to be realistic about their expectations from the get-go and figure out a way to overcome hardship that will be agreeable to both of them.

Communication & Intellect


Cancer and Libra have quite contradicting styles of communication. Libra tends to be far more open and honest and desires the same qualities in their partner. Cancer is very reserved and often doesn’t know how to articulate the masses of emotions they feel.

It’s imperative that Cancer and Libra figure out how to communicate with each other early on in the relationship to avoid feelings of resentment from building up and eventually coming to a head. Libra is known to prefer communicating in writing rather than in person. This could be a useful tool for the relationship as it will give Cancer the opportunity to process their feelings before responding.

Both these signs spend a lot of time in their own heads and are never able to make swift, smart decisions. They have a tendency to overthink, which comes from Libra’s inclination for weighing the pros and cons of everything combined with Cancer’s anxiety. As a result, they will eventually be able to agree but it will take them far longer to get there. Their intelligence can get in the way for them at times.

There may be some friction when it comes to Libra’s innate need for balance and harmony. Libra has an inability to take sides and chooses to remain objective at all times. This may rub Cancer the wrong way when they feel like they just need someone to be on their team. Libra will have the tendency to offer justifications to Cancer when they are just looking to vent their frustrations. This is where Libra’s intelligence may become problematic.

Emotions & Sex


These signs try really hard to meet each other’s emotional needs, but this may not be very easy. Cancer’s emotions often fluctuate, like the ever-changing phases of the moon that rules over this zodiac sign. Libra, who strives for equilibrium, will have a really tough time dealing with this.

While both Libra and Cancer are emotional beings, they may not always know how to express their feelings, which can lead to them walking on eggshells around each other. Cancer is also far more sensitive than Libra is, so there may be frustration when every disagreement turns into an emotional battle.

Despite the emotional inadequacies this couple faces, they get along really well sexually. They both love being affectionate and their honeymoon phase will probably last a lot longer than that of other couples. This may actually be a great driving force for their relationship as they will have fun together physically while figuring out how to navigate the areas of the relationship in which they are deficient.

This couple has very few inhibitions in the bedroom and will both put a lot of effort into pleasing each other. They love romance and feeling the support of their partner and are able to turn each other on very easily. They see each other as equals when making love which solidifies their bond in a way that they can never convey to each other verbally.



Cancerians have an insatiable desire to constantly pour love into the world and they will be drawn to the aspects of their lives that allow them to do this. A Cancer will opt for a career in which they can care for others. They make great nurses and teachers but because of their aptitude for homemaking, you may even find them as stay-at-home parents. They love their families and friends with equal intensity and spend as much time with them as possible.

Libras are the voices of reason in the world, ever aiming to bring justice and stability to society. You’ll find them in the courtroom or as social workers – anywhere they’ll have the influence to implement positive change. They may value this far above their own personal gain, so they may not prioritize family life.

While Cancer and Libra have seemingly different values, it is possible that they could complement each other quite well. Cancer would be satisfied to run the household while Libra enacts change in the world. It will be important, though, for Libra to compromise sometimes and make time to be there for their family when needed. This will also ensure a harmonious work-life balance.



True to their nature, Cancerians are very much introverts who love spending time in their comfort zone. This can range from activities like cooking and gardening to simply reading a book or binge-watching their favorite TV show. They don’t feel the need to be around other people in order to have a good time.

Libras, on the other hand, are social beings. They are drawn to things of beauty so they will often enjoy artsy activities like watching a play or visiting a museum. They love spending time with people who have a similar appreciation for these activities.

Unfortunately, this couple will have a tough time finding common ground on which to spend time together. They might both be satisfied to spend the night watching an award-winning film, but this won’t fly for every night of the week. There will need to be compromises made from both Cancer and Libra.

Overall Compatibility Score