Libra and Aries compatibility

Libra & Aries

Find out how compatible Libra and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score60%
Communication & Intellect60%
Emotions & Sex90%


In love, the Aries and Libra couple can be the best or worst thing to happen to each other. Because they are such polar zodiac opposites, Aries and Libra have characteristics that the other does not. Balanced, charming, cultured Libra can teach brash Aries about style, rein in Aries’ boundless energy by encouraging them to reflect on their deeper self, helps them see that boundaries are good and that their way isn’t always the best. Aries, who is decisive, competitive, and impulsive, can teach Libra to rely on intuition for answers, to step outside of their comfort zone, and to find excitement in life.

This task, however, will be far more difficult to complete than it appears. Aries and Libra share the great attraction that all opposite Zodiac signs share, and all polarities have energies that tangle in a knot if understanding cannot be reached. This can be a problem for the Aries and Libra couple, who tend to avoid their emotions and become overly sensitive when discussing hot button topics. If the Aries-Libra couple can hold their ground when discussing sensitive issues without one of them fleeing the room, they can create a beautiful and long-lasting love affair.

Communication & Intellect


Aries is the better communicator of the Aries-Libra love pair, speaking freely and effectively. The issue is that they communicate in a brash, insulting, sarcastic, and insensitive manner. Aries are easily irritated because they like to tell people the truth, even if it means hurting their feelings. They believe that more people should be like them and get straight to the point rather than waffle.

Libras are known not only for their style but also for their eloquence. When it comes to talking to people, they have a very friendly demeanor and are very understanding. They can engage in verbal combat as long as the communication takes place in a public setting. Libras, however, aren’t great at speaking up in relationships because they believe they need perfect balance in everything they do. The only problem is that conversations are unpredictable, and the balanced conversations they seek are beyond their control.

Libras will struggle to get a word in during a heart-to-heart with their Aries partner, and knowing this Libra may flee from conflict most of the time; leaving things to fester, which will spell doom for the relationship. If Libras can overcome their fear of confrontation, their calm and unassuming nature will allow them to successfully navigate Aries’ brasher conversation style and guide the conversation to a resolution because they are easy to talk to and remain calm during tense situations. Of course, Aries will have to work on giving Libra a break and truly listening during their intense conversations.

Emotions & Sex


Libra is likely one of the few zodiac signs that understand the nature of Aries. They not only understand the actions and emotional expressions of Aries, but also the essence of their sensitive personality. This is a zodiac pair that understands each other very well when it comes to emotions. Due to Aries’ openness, cautious Libra will feel safe to let down their guard. Libra, on the other hand, has enough depth to look beyond Aries’ personality instead of superficially examining their behavior. The Aries-Libra pair has the potential for such a strong emotional bond that they may be able to solve any problem that comes up with their love for each other.

When Aries and Libra fall in love, the attraction is immediate. Sexually, this pair is superior to other opposing pairs in the Zodiac. Venus rules Libra with romance, while Mars governs Aries with passion and love. Thus, in the bedroom, Aries and Libra complement each other. The only difference is how they respond to this attraction; Aries will want to dive right in, whereas Libra will be more calculated and cautious. Aries will eventually be able to entice Libra to give in to desire by being more tender than usual and stroking their ego. Cheating is the only thing that could break this couple’s sexual and emotional bond. To avoid this, Aries and Libra must remember to strengthen their bond by engaging in deep soul-joining conversations outside of the bedroom.



Aries cannot stand someone who only talks and does nothing. As a result, when they say they are going to do something, they do it. Aries values people like them who are energetic, direct, and outspoken, with little regard for the past or future. Libra, on the other hand, values finesse, tact, and prestige, frequently looking to the past to set distant goals in the future.

In general, as one would expect from such opposing signs, the Aries-Libra pair’s values differ in a variety of ways, but if they take the time to reflect on their differences, it is one of the things that can help strengthen their relationship. They can learn a lot from each other and, as a result, find a middle ground where they can create mutually shared values based on their individual value systems.

This means that their roles in each other’s lives are quite simple: Aries must constantly lift their Libra partner’s spirits, demonstrating how brave and capable they can be, while Libra gently shows their Aries partner how to achieve a specific goal. All of this can be exhausting, especially if one sign has a problem with this unconditional role play or does not recognize their partner’s effort. As such, they must demonstrate a willingness to give and take equally in order to nourish their personalities and meet the needs of both partners.



The Aries-Libra pair will find it very difficult to coordinate their activities because they share almost no interests. Aries is a fiercely competitive sign who seeks activities in which they can challenge themselves and others; they are always on the lookout for action. Outdoor games and sports such as hiking and Bungee jumping are among their favorite pastimes. Sometimes it’s even adventure video games that pique their interest and they will undoubtedly enjoy motorbike riding and loud music.

Even though Libras are social butterflies who like to be out in the company of people, the activities they favor don’t typically require a lot of physical exertion. Libras have a wide range of interests. They adore creativity and the arts, so attending music shows, the opera, fine dining, painting, traveling, and decorating are some of the activities they love as it appeals to their sense of refinement.

Most of the time, this Zodiac pair wants to do different things, so the only activity they can always agree on is sex. Although this is a foundation for a good relationship and everything else they can’t share may seem irrelevant for a while, Aries-Libra should find activities that they both enjoy. However, if they don’t, their relationship may work if Libra lets go of the need to include their partner in everything they do.

Overall Compatibility Score