Libra and Aquarius compatibility

Libra & Aquarius

Find out how compatible Libra and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score78%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex70%


The Libra and Aquarius love match is an excellent Zodiac match. This love, romance, and sex pairing is fun, open-minded, and intellectual. Libra and Aquarius will have a strong understanding of each other because they share the element of air. And because they will connect on a high mental level, their relationship has the potential to strengthen and heighten each other’s consciousness. Libra and Aquarius both have a strong interest in culture, people, and art. This is why they get along so well. The best thing about their relationship is that they don’t expect more from each other than they are willing to give.

Theirs is a relationship that is unlikely to become stagnant because the Libra-Aquarius couple is very energetic and enjoys life. The Libra-Aquarius relationship is most likely a union of two soulmates that results in a stable and harmonious love affair. Their shared interests provide a solid foundation for their love, and in most cases, their romance leads to marriage.

Communication & Intellect


The Libra-Aquarius couple will have no trouble communicating because they both enjoy philosophical debates and lengthy discussions on a variety of topics. This will help them form strong intellectual bonds with each other – they will constantly mentally stimulate each other. However, Libra and Aquarius can be a little rigid in their convictions, so if they do not agree on a subject, they may have very heated debates. Thankfully, these will be resolved eventually because they will go into those conversations wanting to understand each other’s point of view. A heated debate will almost always help Libra and Aquarius grow in their mutual respect for themselves.

This pair might run into problems when Libra’s indecisiveness rears its head. Aquarius will find it difficult to wait for Libra to make a decision, especially if it is a pressing matter. Also, Libra has a habit of starting things but having difficulty finishing them. Aquarius, fortunately for the couple, can be a steadying influence in this regard, as they have a lot of follow-throughs and can take Libra’s ideas and run with them to the end. That said, Aquarius’ unpredictable and spontaneous nature may throw Libra off-balance at times, but they will be able to re-center themselves once they understand the new course of action.

Overall, Libra and Aquarius work especially well together intellectually because they will quickly find their rhythm and will not argue about who does what or who gets the spotlight; instead, they will be content to share their successes with each other.

Emotions & Sex


The Libra-Aquarius duo expresses their emotions in a way that is somewhat similar. To begin, they are both extremely flirtatious. Aquarius is a never-ending fountain of originality, eccentricity, and curiosity. Libra is always charming and sweet. Because they have such complementary personalities, these two will quickly form a strong emotional bond.

However, because of their approach to conflict in a love match, the Libra-Aquarius pair’s journey will not be without bumps. Although Libra is very objective, they are also conflict-averse and will withhold any comment that may cause a conflict. They are also not good at dealing with criticism, so they may bottle things up until they explode. Aquarius is no better at expressing emotions, even though they are not afraid to speak their minds and have no fear of other people’s opinions. When they are under pressure or cornered, they tend to flee rather than confront the problem.

Problems may also arise for the pair if Libra becomes overly attached before Aquarius is ready; this is not something Aquarius will easily handle. To get through this difficult period in their relationship, they must take the pressure off and focus on the fact that they will eventually both be willing to commit to each other over the long term.

In the bedroom, the Libra-Aquarius couple is very sensual. However, Aquarius is usually the one with the richer sexual fantasies and the desire to experiment, which Libra won’t be open to at first for the wrong reason – fear of being judged. Fortunately, Aquarius can assist Libra in relaxing and genuinely exploring their sexual desires. When they both freely express their desires, the Libra-Aquarius couple’s bedroom stays hot for as long as they are together.



The Libra-Aquarius combination will be one of the most idealistic couples of the zodiac. Libra values harmony in all forms; Libra can bring a certain balance to any undertaking in a way that almost no other sign can achieve. They are kind, intelligent, and always willing to put others ahead of themselves. They are masters of diplomacy and compromise, adept at seeing all sides of a situation, and excel at mediating and crafting compromises between others. Libra, who is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, enjoys surrounding themselves with beauty but values loyalty and the company of others. They are always happiest when they have a large group of family, friends, and coworkers they can rely on.

Aquarius is well-known for their humanitarian tendencies. As pacifists and social crusaders, they want to do whatever they can to improve the world and help others within it. Aquarius is unique, creative, and slightly eccentric. They are the Zodiac’s progressive thinkers, and they always have a new idea in the works, which is often for the collective good of the human race.

The combination of planetary influences guiding Libra-Aquarius makes their value systems aligned; if they decide to take on a project together, they can accomplish great things. The Libra-Aquarius pair is an exceptional duo for standing up for social justice and will have many stimulating pursuits together over the course of their relationship.



Libras are natural socialites with a wide range of interests, particularly those related to art – art exhibitions, music shows, fine dining – they enjoy traveling, meeting new people, reading, and listening to music. Aquarius is drawn to anything that stimulates their minds, which is why they have a diverse range of interests. This trait draws them to anything interesting, new, or ‘out there,’ such as sci-fi/fantasy, edgy fashion, and cutting-edge technology. They will enjoy computer games as well as adventure sports such as skiing and rock climbing.

Aquarius will be willing to do anything with their Libra partner as long as their lives do not become monotonous. The Libra-Aquarius couple will enjoy a wide range of activities together because they will not find each other’s interests boring. They may, however, have a problem with spontaneity. Libra, as the scale of the Zodiac, will seek to recenter themselves after a day of socializing, so they prefer to plan their activities ahead of time. Aquarius, on the other hand, is very spontaneous and may be irritated if Libra does not enthusiastically welcome the spontaneous activities they initiate. Aquarius will need to learn to be patient, so they do not cause unnecessary problems in their relationship with Libra.

Overall Compatibility Score