Leo and Libra compatibility

Leo & Libra

Find out how compatible Leo and Libra are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score80%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex80%


These signs are a highly compatible love match! Libra and Leo are both socialites who thrive off each other’s energy and can fall head over heels in love with each other. Both signs love attention and affection, which each one is happy to provide to the other. This couple could possibly have a whirlwind romance, but unlike other relationships of this nature, theirs has the potential to stand the test of time.

No couple is immune to challenges though, and one this couple may face is that neither of them is a particularly great listener. They will need to place more focus on really being attentive to each other when there are disagreements. They should also be careful not to try and outshine each other, and learn when to let their partner have the spotlight.

Communication & Intellect


Leo and Libra are really great communicators. Leo is known for their smooth-talking capabilities and really has a gift for captivating their audience. Libra has a knack for knowing just the right way to get through to the person they’re engaging with. These signs will have a lot of fun talking to each other and everyone else too.

They may face some difficulties if they make a habit of talking over each other. They need to be careful to give each other the chance to say their piece and to listen too. Libra does have the ability to defer to others when necessary, so they will likely be the more accommodating partner of the pair.

These signs are socially smart and extremely musically gifted. They will enjoy working the room together. Leo has the tendency to present themself as the authority on everything, whether they have real knowledge on the subject or not. Libra will be able to rein this in when necessary.

At times, Leo might feel frustrated if they’re dealing with a conflict. Their sense of self-importance may have them seeking reassurance from Libra. Unfortunately, Libra may not have the ability to take Leo’s side and will always aim to show an objective opinion because of their innate need for balance.

Emotions & Sex


Libra and Leo are the couple that everyone is jealous of because of their love and passion for each other. This couple love each other relentlessly. They are generous in the way they show each other how they feel and go out of their way to make each other feel secure.

Leo can be needy in the sense that they need their egos to be stroked at times, but Libra is more than happy to do this because of their constant desire to maintain harmony in the relationship. They may not be as apt when dealing with negative emotions, but with the way they understand each other, it’s unlikely to take them long to figure out how to handle this effectively.

Their sex life is robust and passionate from the get-go. Leo and Libra are really in tune with each other’s needs and both appreciate the theatrics and drama that they bring to the bedroom. It’s not impossible for these two to enjoy some exhibitionism and they definitely won’t shy away from public displays of affection. It’s safe to say that there will be a long honeymoon phase for this pair.



Leo and Libra are well aligned in most aspects of their lives. Leo is a leader who takes charge in most situations and Libra really loves this about them. Both of them will be equally successful in their careers since Leo’s unparalleled people skills usually result in them being placed in managerial positions. Libra is also talented in this regard and is usually hired in positions where their charm and tact can be put to good use. This couple will enjoy the fruits of these gifts and have financial freedom.

Because of how connected and close they are, they won’t hesitate when it comes to marriage and having kids with each other. They have very similar approaches to life and will have few disagreements when it comes to decisions around raising children. They will just need to be careful to not let their personalities overshadow their kids’ successes and let them become the best versions of themselves without trying to create mini Leos and Libras.



This couple is so similar in their interests that it’s likely they will become joined at the hip. They are socialites who thrive on the attention and adoration of their friends and family. They enjoy the finer things in life, and their financial successes let them live any way they want to.

Leo and Libra will love to spend time traveling, partying, networking, and having opulent dates. They will enjoy spending time with each other above all and really put effort into adding an element of fun to whichever activity they do together.

Overall, it’s unlikely that there will ever be an instance where this couple will disagree on how to spend their time. It will be important for them to have some time apart every now and again so they don’t lose their individuality completely.

Overall Compatibility Score