Leo and leo compatibility

Leo & leo

Find out how compatible Leo and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.


Overall Compatibility Score85%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex80%


Leos are fiery, passionate, and exude confidence, so these two are quite the admired pair. Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves, so don’t be surprised if they’re already moving in together after just a few months.

Two alphas trying to contend with each other can become problematic though, especially if one partner’s successes exceed the other’s. Leos’ pride may mean that jealousy arises and both partners might try to assert their dominance.

If this couple can learn to be proud of each other rather than focusing on themselves, they can grow to become a happy, strong couple. They will certainly enjoy showering each other with affection and receiving adoration from each other.

Communication & Intellect


Leo’s way of communication can come off as a performance with how authoritatively they speak. They are enthusiastic and spirited so every conversation with a Leo leaves people feeling exhilarated. When a Leo match communicates with each other, they’ll be able to get their point across really effectively, but it’s difficult to say whether they actively listen or simply just wait for their turn to talk.

A Leo couple will start to feel despondent and unhappy if their partner doesn’t make them feel validated when they speak. They need someone who will agree with them, no matter how outrageous their opinions are. Each partner will need to remember that they are dealing with someone exactly like themselves and offer them the comforts they need to remain fulfilled in the relationship.

While Leos are not necessarily unintelligent, they may have the opinion that they’re smarter than they actually are. This couple will enjoy filling their time discussing their wild ideas and even conspiracy theories. The great part is that two Leos in a relationship will rarely shut each other down. They will goad each other on and amaze their friends with their lively conversations.

Leo couples should be careful not to let each other come off as arrogant when they’re around other people. They need to encourage each other to learn more about the topics they’re interested in so that their opinions truly come from a place of sound knowledge.

Emotions & Sex


Leos will never hold back their emotions – whether their feelings are valid or not. They are passionate. They are amorous and affectionate when they’re happy and super melodramatic when they’re upset. A pair of Leos will shower each other with adoration and enjoy the abundance of love they receive from each other. Both individuals give as much as they get which is exactly what Leos need!

Things may get crazy when there is a disagreement since neither Leo will want to back down or admit their fault. They need to be careful not to be too hurtful with their words and avoid accusations. Apart from this, this couple gives each other exactly what they need emotionally and have great chemistry.

Sex between two Leos can light a room on fire! This couple knows exactly how to stroke each other’s egos so that they both become wildly turned on. Their sex is heated and unsuppressed so when they get into the mood, they won’t care where they are, they’ll find somewhere to get it on.

A hit to one partner’s self-confidence might hurt this couple’s sex life though, so they’ll need to keep each other as composed as they can. Other than that, this couple has the potential to enjoy the honeymoon phase for the entirety of their relationship. They’ll simply love using sex as an outlet to express their feelings for each other and their sexual chemistry will be evident to everyone around them.



Expressing themselves is what’s really important to a Leo, so this couple will be really happy together if they’re okay with sharing the limelight. It’s possible that the vibe they give off when they’re together could make them the objects of even more adoration than they’d get on their own.

This pair will have a pretty similar mindset when it comes to their lifestyles and plans for the future. Because of how epic their love story is, they’ll want a huge celebration of their love including their enormous social group. Their wedding will be the event of the year and both partners will glow with all the fussing and attention.

A Leo couple will enjoy their step into parenthood and shower their kids with love and adoration. They will equally enjoy being the objects of their kids’ affection. This couple won’t disagree too much on parenting tactics since they have very similar personalities and outlooks on life.

While careers are not a Leo’s top priority, they will benefit from a certain level of success because of their talents. Nevertheless, they value their social escapades far more than work and will always prioritize their friends and family.



Leos love socializing, having fun, and even partying to a certain extent. They enjoy activities that allow them to interact with other people and this shared preference is something a Leo couple will definitely bond over.

Apart from nights out drinking with friends, Leo’s can also be adventurous and sporty. They love trying their hands at new things and will be even more pleased when they excel at it.

A Leo will never choose an activity where he or she will need to be a follower. They have a take-charge attitude that they implement in every aspect of their lives. This might be problematic since both partners share this sentiment, so they will need to concede their power to their better half from time to time.

Overall Compatibility Score