leo and Aries compatibility

leo & Aries

Find out how compatible leo and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score83%
Communication & Intellect90%
Emotions & Sex80%


When these two natural-born leaders meet you can expect nothing less than a firework show. When Aries and Leo are in sync, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. But when these two are at odds, you might want to take cover.

While Aries and Leo tend to have very similar personalities, their actions and reasoning are rooted in different foundations. Aries is stubborn and proud because if they weren’t self-assured, they’d be lost. Leo is charismatic and charming because they thrive off of the attention and admiration of others.

Leo finds Aries’ confidence and energy irresistible, while Aries can’t escape Leo’s charms. But these same qualities have the potential to be their undoing. Leo will never give up their spot as the leader and Aries will want Leo all for themselves. Their similarities will either make them the ultimate power couple, or a ticking time bomb.

Communication & Intellect


Since Aries and Leo are both fire signs you can expect their conversations to be loud, passionate, and full of energy. Leo’s charm and charisma coupled with Aries’ confidence and conviction make them a force to be reckoned with. When these two are in agreement on something, watch out. They’ll win any debate and convince everyone in the room to be on their side too.

When these two are in disagreement you can expect a different kind of storm. While it may start out as a civil conversation, it can quickly escalate into a yelling match. Both of these signs are convinced they’re right, and they’re not really interested in hearing otherwise. But assuming these two have developed a deeper connection, it’s very unlikely that the argument will sink to a level of insults or name-calling. Neither of these signs will tolerate disrespect from the other, and they know it, so they’ll think twice about crossing that line.

The good thing about these signs is that even though they’re quick to escalate an argument, they’re not in the habit of holding grudges. These two will likely yell things out and in a few hours be back to normal. Overall, the fact that these two have similar styles of communication is what makes it easy for them to understand each other.

Emotions & Sex


Don’t be surprised if an argument between Leo and Aries ends up leading to sex. These two fire signs both bring their energy and passion for life into the bedroom, generating some major sparks between them. They’re both up for trying new things and take pleasure in knowing they’ve satisfied the other.

Both of these signs feel comfortable openly expressing their emotions, so they’re never going to face the problem of one partner hiding feelings from another. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have their share of problems.

Because Leo has a charismatic, show-offy kind of nature, they’re bound to attract lots of potential partners. And Leo being Leo, they’ll love this kind of attention, and won’t turn it away, even when they’re in a relationship. For Leo, as long as they’re not crossing a line, they don’t see a problem with being flirty or social.

For the jealous and emotional Aries, this can be a serious problem. There’s no way Aries will take seeing other people hitting on their partner lightly, and they’re not going to accept any excuses Leo might come up with. Aries wants Leo’s full attention and affection all for themselves, so it’s unlikely these two will reach a compromise on this matter. If Leo wants to make it work long-term with Aries, they’ll have to learn to turn down the charm with others.



Aries and Leo are both signs that think highly of themselves, and therefore they appreciate when others have similar qualities to them. That’s why these two signs will share a lot of the same values. They both admire people who are driven and passionate about something. They like people who set goals and work towards them. And they both place a lot of value on “winning” and being the best.

Since Leo likes to show off, and Aries likes to win for the sake of winning, it’s probably best if these two don’t have the same exact goals. These two should be careful not to fall into competition with one another, or it could be the undoing of their relationship.

That being said, both of these signs value good communication, honesty, and loyalty. While Leo likes to show off their charm and to be the center of attention, deep down it’s more important to them that they have someone they can depend on no matter what. And while Aries likes to act like they’re this independent person who doesn’t need anyone or anything, they fall harder than anyone when they meet someone who shows them true loyalty and devotion.

From the outside, a bonded Aries and Leo might just look like a typical power couple concerned with taking on the world. But in reality, they’ve both found the fulfillment they’ve been searching for in each other.



Leo and Aries enjoy active hobbies like sports and traveling. Aries is the more competitive of the two because they tend to derive their self-worth from knowing they’re the best at something. Leo on the other hand only cares about being the best if everyone else also knows they’re the best. That’s why these two should avoid hobbies that put them in competition with each other.

For example, rather than going head to head in a tennis match, they should play as a pair against another team. When they channel their competitiveness towards a common goal they’ll really bond as partners.

The most successful Aries and Leo couples are ones who have similar ways of approaching things but have different skill sets. For example, when Aries and Leo are both runners, they might fall into an unhealthy rivalry. But if Aries is a dancer while Leo is a runner, then these two are more than happy to cheer the other on and support them in doing what makes them happy.

They should also try to embody this idea in their daily lives: Aries books the hotels for the trip, and Leo picks the restaurants. Aries handles the driving, and Leo handles the directions. When these two find their rhythm, they’ll have the whole world at their feet.

Overall Compatibility Score