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How Tarot Connects With The Universe?

Tarot is described as an energy that enables people to be in touch with the cosmic power and the forces that govern the world. Thus, the 78 cards in a Tarot are believed to reflect virtually all that life may entail, and give the reader, as it were, an opportunity to journey into the soul and strive to understand one’s path. Every card also has its power and meaning, its ability to open a bridge to the world unseen and help us see ourselves and the world in greater truths. This way using the ancient knowledge of Tarot and Universal archetypes people are being nourished by the divine essence, the collective self, the cycle of the universe and being thus endowed with guidance and tools in facing life’s circumstances and opportunities.

The Major Arcana: Taming Of The Life Cycle Crossroads

The 22 cards forming the Major Arcana are the significant events of an individual’s life, an archetype, or a lesson associated with the life phases. These are the ‘jokers’ of the cards; these cards bear the powerful and possibly the change in the entire batch of cards in the Tarot set. The most representative of the Major Arcana and some of its most famous cards are the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Hierophant , Wheel of Fortune and others. These, of course, are just some of the general meanings that are associated with these cards; each of these has a lot of representation in the anthropological as well as the psychological aspects and when the meanings are represented to the reader as well as to the querent, then the essence of life becomes more clear to all.

The Minor Arcana: Understanding The Journey Further 

The Minor Arcana is minor in terms of rank but the deck contains 56 cards which are grouped to four categories namely Wands, Cups, Swords and the Pentacles. These suits symbolize fire, water, air, and earth; and the forty cards in each suit illustrate most of the facets of human life, as well as the feeling realm. The Minor Arcana cards are considered as the smaller or minor cards compared to the Major Arcana, as well as the skill or the work aspect of the Tarot, encompassing real-life activities and events that happen to us.

The Ethical Considerations

However, Tarot is not only a tool for self-actualization but can also be helpful with spiritual practices; therefore, it is crucial to use it responsibly and conscientiously. Indeed, anyone who undertakes a form of divination or a spiritual activity of the like has certain perils and some sort of ethical dilemmas that ensue as well.

Evaluating Freedom of Choice 

The freedom of choice is one of the basic principles that big Tarot readers should adhere to because the querent’s free will must always be respected. Tarot readers should not try to decide what the querent should do and not do but offer information that may help the querent in making his/her decisions. I feel that it is important for the reader not to influence the querent and instead interpret the cards within the practitioner’s framework of knowledge that is embraced by the querent.

Avoiding Harm and Exploitation 

Students pursuing a career in tarot readership still risk harming or exploiting clients by giving them false hope or taking advantage of their vulnerability. They should never misuse the ability to read the Tarot to harm others; rather they should respect those who come to them seeking guidance through hard times such as people with depression, financial troubles, or other similar circumstances. It is critical to remember that tarot readings must be done gently and lovingly, because the objective is to offer assistance to the receiver and not to add negativity or pain to their life.

Protection of the privacy of the querent

 From the knowledge of the ethical dilemmas present in this ethical dilemma, one can be in a better position to decipher how the ethical issues present in the dilemma can be managed appropriately. It is strictly prohibited that tarot readers relay the information gained in a reading to any other third party provided by the person seeking the reading. They should also note that SPIs may surface during the reading and make necessary arrangements to ensure the querent’s privacy is well maintained.

Better Conduct and Ethical Practice For a final point

It is essential that practicing Tarot readers continuously monitor themselves and their practices for areas of personal development that will help improve their Tarot reading services to clients. This may entail performing daily meditation, constantly studying Tarot symbols and histories, and choosing to learn more everyday. Determined to uphold a strict ethical and professional code, Tarots can play their part to create a positive perception towards this as an ancient practice with potential benefit.


Tarot is a tapestried and highly developed spiritual tool capable of opening the door to knowledge to relationships, recipes towards the future and existence. Thus, while becoming aware of Tarot’s history, analyzing its symbolism and the questions of morality and using Tarot’s examples as a path to personal development, one will learn to appreciate this ancient branch of art and actively use Tarot for improving one’s life. 

Even though you are a professional or a beginner in the field of Tarot card reading, there is no time to hesitate, for the marvelous Tarot world is opened for you right now encouraging you to show you the great knowledge to face difficulties of life.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards used for divination and guidance. It consists of the Major Arcana, depicting significant life events, and the Minor Arcana, illustrating everyday situations. Each card carries symbolic imagery and meanings, interpreted by a reader to provide insights into the querent’s past, present, and future. Tarot is often used for self-reflection, spiritual growth, and exploring personal issues.

What are Angel numbers?

Decoding The Messages In Angel Numbers

Have you ever glanced at the clock and seen 11: What does the Roman numeral of 11 represent? Perhaps you have a strange feeling that the number 777 is somehow present in your life. It is seen on receipts, car number plates, coffee cups or even on the cup of coffee that you ordered in the morning. These boring sequences of numbers which most people consider as sequences of numbers by chance, are believed by many people to be the signals from our guardian angels.

This concept has also grown popular in the recent past where people are looking forward to finding a connection between them and the divine or Angel to make their lives better and more guided. It is time to get more detailed and see what angel numbers are as well as get more information about potential meanings of these numbers and how to apply them further.

These are the numbers that are constantly in your life on a daily basis as numbers in sequences. They can be natural numbers, whole numbers, odd numbers or even numbers which can be in hundred thousands or even more than that. This is thought to be a conscious
tactic made by your angels to attract your focus and get your attention regarding some kind of distinct message.

These messages can be found in what may initially be looked at as the blandest of backgrounds as clocks, number plates, phone numbers, bills or addresses. In the case of the study presented above, the key is to be aware and be able to identify the given sequence featured in the research.

Why do Angels send Numbers

Specifically, numbers are another mode of interaction meatloaf announced by Angels, as they are spiritual beings of love and light. They cannot come into our lives physically and meddle with what we do but they can dictate our every move by coming in with such hidden messages.

The meaning of angel numbers as numbers that people who are receptive to their message can see is that they are a call to action or a sign that one is not alone in their journey. They can support ideas you have, reassure that the current direction is correct, or alert that there are roadblocks on the way.

Understanding the meanings of Angel Numbers

While there’s no universally accepted interpretation of angel numbers, some general meanings are associated with specific digits:While there’s no universally accepted interpretation of angel numbers, some general meanings are associated with specific digits:

Number 1: Recovery, second chances, and the freedom to spread one’s wings and fly.(Think 111! Seeing this number repeatedly signifies a powerful surge of new beginnings. It’s a time to take initiative, embrace fresh opportunities, and trust your ability to forge your own path.)

Number 2: The symbolism of the yin-yang circle is: stability, equalization, interaction, synthesis.(Double the twos, double the harmony! Seeing 222 repeatedly indicates a focus on balance and positive partnerships. It’s a nudge to nurture your relationships and foster cooperation in all aspects of life.)

Number 3: I have fun when I am creative, expressing myself, communicating and merely happy.(Seeing 333 repeatedly is a strong encouragement to tap into your creative side. It’s a time to express yourself authentically, embrace your unique voice, and celebrate the joy that comes with creative pursuits.)

Number 4: Solidness, grounding, structured, parsimonious.

Number 5: He seeks the change, adventures; freedom; adaptability of the trade.(Seeing 555 repeatedly signifies a period of significant change. Embrace new adventures, explore your freedom, and be adaptable as you navigate these transitions.)

Number 6: Affection, kindness, care, shelter, protection, parenthood, relatives.(The message with 666 is about nurturing love in your life. Focus on strengthening bonds with loved ones, offer compassion, and create a sense of security and harmony in your home environment.)

Number 7: Spirit, soul, understanding, instinct.(Seeing 777 repeatedly is a nudge to deepen your spiritual connection. Explore your intuition, seek wisdom within, and trust your inner knowing to guide you.)

Number 8: Prosperity, success, magnetism, materialization.(The triple eight, 888, is a powerful message of abundance. It signifies a time of prosperity, success, and the manifestation of your desires. Stay positive, focused, and take inspired action to cultivate abundance in your life.)

Number 9: Loss of physical connections, arrival and departure of loved ones, acts of service for others, donations to charity.(Seeing 999 repeatedly can indicate endings or closures, but they pave the way for new beginnings. It’s also a nudge to consider how you can use your skills and resources to serve others and contribute to the greater good.)

Number 0: Creation, divinity, deity, beginning, propinquity to the divine.

Interpreting Angel numbers Personally

Angelic numbers are symbolized in numerology and their meaning is drawn from the context of one’s life. This would involve thinking about the events that are going on in the present time, your state of mind, and any problems that you might be encountering. The number can then help by speaking to you offering probably a message relevant with your certain requirement. For instance, when you are in a dilemma especially regarding your job, reading 111 may represent a message of change or fresh start, and you have to go for it. Likewise, if the number 777 appears when you are reflecting, then it may mean that you should pursue the spiritual exploration of finding a higher purpose of congruency for guidance.

How to work with Angel Numbers

Once you recognize an angel number, here’s how to unlock its message:Here now is the way on how you will be able to cope with the particular special angel number that you made a note on:

Acknowledge and be receptive: He once pointed to the repetition of the number and wrote that, depending on one’s perspective, one must be prepared to accept its meaning.

Pay attention to your intuition: Let me know what emotions you feel each time you encounter this number.

Reflect on your current situation: They should consider the aspects of their life where such numbers might be useful or significant.

Journal your insights: Note down the number on paper and attempt to interpret whether there is a message behind the digits.

Take action: If the message makes you consider a particular course of action then it’s safe to say that you are guided in this.

It is crucial to acknowledge that people receive angel numbers more as a kind of suggestion rather than a strict order. They are intended to help you to take the last step in your process of healing and to remind you of the source of your power.

Beyond Meanings: Trust and Openness

it is the personal association that one makes with these figures. It means being somewhat guided by instincts, continuing to trust others’ directions, and checking how they enlighten something.

Angel numbers are simply a form of self-compassion dressed up in a beautiful package, telling us that there is always support around. They can be seen as intermediaries between the material world and the after-or in the great beyond, people can find hope and someone to guide them through the journey of life. If listened and then viewed with the heart, they may help to find out the complete self and foster the essential human growth needed for one to walk in his/her potential.