Capricorn and Libra compatibility

Capricorn & Libra

Find out how compatible Capricorn and Libra are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score38%
Communication & Intellect20%
Emotions & Sex40%


The truth is that a relationship between Libra and Capricorn will be quite challenging. Their initial differences create a significant hurdle that could hinder the relationship, right from the start.

While Libra is open to love and jumps in right away, Capricorn is very much the opposite. They need a long time to feel comfortable enough with their partner to let them in. Try as they might, Libra will likely be unable to understand and accept this hesitancy. They’ll either try even harder to get Capricorn to reciprocate, or they might just give up entirely.

These two also have very different styles: Capricorn is entrenched in their ways and has a bad habit of believing that only they are right. Libra is much more flexible and dynamic in their thinking, and above all, they want to have a peaceful and balanced relationship. Capricorn should not mistake this desire for peace as weakness. It’s very important that they do not take advantage of Libra’s pacifist nature to always get their way, because sooner or later, Libra will decide they can no longer accept this.

Overall, the only way that this relationship can work is if Libra manages to pump the brakes on their feelings in the beginning, and Capricorn dials back their attitude of superiority.

Communication & Intellect


When it comes to communication, Libra and Capricorn have the potential to face some difficulties. Because Capricorn is an earth sign, they tend to be very rigid in their way of thinking and can be impossibly stubborn. Meanwhile, Libra is an air sign, making them very flexible and open-minded. That means then when these two find themselves disagreeing over something, it can be impossible to resolve the issue.

Part of the problem is that Libra is the ultimate peacemaker. They hate confrontation, and they don’t want to rock the boat ever. They desire balance above all else. So when it comes to disagreements, Capricorn will approach with their stubborn, know-it-all attitude, and Libra might not push back at all, just to keep the peace.

As you can imagine, this is by no means a sustainable relationship. At some point, Libra will have had enough, and the resulting fight will cause irreparable damage to their relationship.

While both of these signs are intelligent in different ways, Libra’s tendency not to take a stand on anything will cause Capricorn to either lose respect for them or to think they’re not so smart after all. Neither of these are good outcomes. Capricorn won’t be able to understand Libra’s need to remain neutral, no matter how well Libra tries to explain it. In the end, communication may break down completely, causing a break in their relationship.

Emotions & Sex


Libra is really invested in finding their soulmate, and they hate being alone. As a result, they tend to fall headfirst into relationships. If their partner doesn’t reciprocate affections with the same intensity, Libra’s feelings will likely be hurt.

Capricorn is a deeply emotional sign, but it can take them years to feel ready to open up to their partner. Libra is definitely not willing to wait years, and they may even take it personally when Capricorn fails to let them in.

Neither of these signs is shy when it comes to sex. But sex without an emotional bond is not at all satisfying for either of these signs. While Libra will certainly show Capricorn that they’re emotionally invested early on, Capricorn will not reciprocate. They need a lot of time to reach that point. This means they won’t be able to get on the same wavelength, and they will both walk away feeling unsatisfied.

If somehow Libra can manage to be patient when it comes to intimacy and give Capricorn the time they need to grow attached, then their relationship is much more likely to be characterized by the warmth and love Libra craves.



In a unique twist, Libra and Capricorn actually share some similar values. They both have an appreciation for tradition and conservative ideals (Capricorn much more than Libra). This is a defining characteristic of Capricorn. It’s more of a surprise that Libra shares these values since they’re an air sign. But since they’re so invested in finding “the one”, it makes sense that they would also really like the idea of marriage, family, and a white picket fence.

If Libra suspects that Capricorn will be able to provide them with these things, this will make them fall even faster. Again, this is a problem for these two, because Capricorn won’t feel these things nearly as soon as Libra does.

This becomes an even bigger problem when we consider that Libra values balance. They expect their partner to return to them the same amount of love and affection that they show. Capricorn’s inability to do so will cause an imbalance in the relationship. Libra’s only solution to restoring balance will be to show Capricorn even more love and affection. But when this doesn’t work, they’ll be left even more disappointed and heartbroken.



One area where these two can manage to find some common ground is their enjoyment of music. If these two happen to also like the same genre of music, then concerts and shows are a great activity for them to enjoy together.

Capricorn enjoys activities like chess and puzzle games. The truth is that if Libra and Capricorn are going to play a card or board game together, it would be ideal for them to be on the same side. This will be preferable to Libra, who places more importance on balance than they do on winning. For Libra, competing with their partner in any way is not at all enjoyable.

Libra enjoys more peaceful activities, like gardening, hiking, and painting. If Capricorn is invested in making the relationship work, they should make an active effort to participate in Libra’s hobbies. This will make Libra really happy, as it will be a clear indication to them that Capricorn is starting to let them in and that they actually care about their happiness.

Overall Compatibility Score