Capricorn and Leo compatibility

Capricorn & Leo

Find out how compatible Capricorn and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score15%
Communication & Intellect10%
Emotions & Sex10%


Everything about Leo’s and Capricorn’s personalities scream one word: opposite. These two will face difficulties when it comes to communication, intimacy, values, and hobbies. On top of that, both of these signs tend to be strong and stubborn characters. As each tries to get the other to bend, the tension in their relationship will build up until it becomes unsustainable.

While Leo is open and expressive, Capricorn is reserved and guarded with their emotions. Leo likes to charm the crowd, and Capricorn will see this as nothing but egotistical and vain. Leo is an adventurous and warm lover, while Capricorn is traditional and conservative. Leo values spontaneity and excitement, while Capricorn values order and discipline.

The reality is that these two signs will need a miracle to make their relationship work.

Communication & Intellect


When it comes to communication between these two, it will be very difficult for them to make it work. Leo is fiery and passionate in the way they speak. Whether it’s a positive conversation or a negative one, chances are they’re yelling. And of course, they can’t repress their desire to show off and put their intelligence on display.

Capricorn will likely find this to be a huge turn-off. They themselves have the tendency to be know-it-alls, so they’ll see right through Leo’s attempts to be the “correct” party in the conversation. Capricorn may even take on a condescending attitude towards Leo, which Leo will push back against fiercely. In the end, Leo might just manage to get the well-mannered and level-headed Capricorn to reach their limits and start a yelling match.

Even when these two are in agreement, the conversation will still be a challenge. Capricorn will hate Leo’s self-centered vibe, and Leo will take Capricorn’s attitude as an invitation for a verbal competition. Overall, while they’re both intelligent in their own right, these two have communication styles that simply don’t match one another.

Emotions & Sex


If Leo and Capricorn can’t even have a conversation, then they’re never going to reach a point where they can enjoy physical intimacy together. But even if they do manage to find a way to communicate, their opposite styles will again clash with one another.

Leo is a warm and passionate lover, but they’re also explorers and adventurers. They love the chase, and they thrive off of the feeling that they’re their partner’s best lover. That means they’re always trying new and creative things in bed.

Capricorn, on the other hand, tends to have very conservative ideals. While sex is certainly important to them, they may not be up for Leo’s bells and whistles. Leo will most certainly find them to be very “stiff” and boring, immediately killing the chemistry between them.

On an emotional level, these two are again out of sync. Leo has no problem expressing their emotions— all of them. From their joy to their despair, and everything in between, Leo’s partner will never be left wondering what they’re thinking.

Capricorn is the exact opposite. It can take years for Capricorn to feel comfortable enough to let their partner in, and even then they’re not overly expressive. The reality is that with such mismatched styles, their relationship is unlikely to last long enough for Leo to get a glimpse of Capricorn’s heart.



It’s very typical for Capricorn to place a lot of value on tradition and old-school ways of doing things. They are a sign that embodies order, discipline, and consistency. They have high expectations for themselves, as well as for others. If their partner can’t live up to them, Capricorn won’t stick around for long.

Leo tends to value themselves above others, at least until they truly fall in love. But even when they do fall in love, they still place a lot of value on their independence and individuality. Unfortunately, it’s not unlikely that Capricorn will see this as a bit selfish, and like Leo is just not interested in a committed relationship.

This isn’t the case— Leo does want to find their person just like Capricorn. But Leo loves to live spontaneously and is always up for a new adventure, whereas Capricorn values stability. Leo is charming and flirtatious by nature, but Capricorn will take this as a lack of commitment. They’ll try to make Leo into a more serious and reserved person, but they run the risk of making Leo resent them for this.

The bottom line is that Leo just doesn’t fit into the box that Capricorn expects them to. And the more they push on each other, the more their relationship will suffer.



Because they have such different personalities, it will be challenging for Leo and Capricorn to find things that they can enjoy together. Capricorn likes activities where they get to use their analytical and problem-solving skills. Leo likes excitement, crowds, and fun. Not exactly a match made in heaven.

If there’s one area where these two might thrive together, it’s at work as colleagues. Capricorn brings the hard skills to the table— analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategy. While Leo brings the soft skills— engaging communication, persuasion, and the ability to charm anyone. If these two ever had to work together on a project to pitch to their bosses, they’d make a powerful team.

But that being said, it will be challenging for these two to find activities they can enjoy as a couple, and they should perhaps consider just being friends.

Overall Compatibility Score