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Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility

Capricorn & Capricorn

Find out how compatible Capricorn and Capricorn are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score75%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex50%


A relationship between two Capricorns can be really slow to start since they will both be treading lightly and carefully weighing the pros and cons of their bond. Once they take the plunge, however, this couple will easily be able to provide each other with the stability they both long for.

Capricorns are rule followers who need order and control in their lives to stay sane. What’s great about this partnership is that neither one will be pushing the other past their limits and the great respect they have for each other will deeply strengthen their bond.

Boredom may arise between two partners who always play by the rules, so it’s important for this couple to consciously initiate acts of spontaneity from time to time in order to keep the spark alive.

Communication & Intellect


Capricorns have a very unusual way of communicating. They are the type who would rather stay silent than speak out on a topic they don’t know much about. Similarly in their relationship, two Capricorns will never find themselves in an irrational screaming match without having hard facts to back their points of view. Also, because they have the same way of thinking, they’ll never leave each other guessing, which helps to secure their relationship.

Because two Capricorns would have the same systematic approach to the way they lead their lives, it makes symbiosis really easy with this couple. Neither one of them would ever have to feel anxious about how their partner would react in any given situation, which means that their communication stems from their uncanny ability to understand each other.

If determination had a name, it would be Capricorn. This sign is really focused and unwavering and goes above and beyond to learn as much as they can about topics they’re interested in.

This couple will match each other intellectually very well, with both of them having the same work ethic and consistently striving to meet their goals. They will be able to encourage each other when they fail and celebrate each other’s successes together too. A couple of Capricorns will always be on the same wavelength, which makes shared tasks an absolute breeze.

Emotions & Sex


Capricorn’s stoic nature and tendency to hide their emotions may be a double-edged sword with this couple. On one hand, it’s possible that since they both bottle their feelings, they won’t mind this characteristic in their partner. However, it might also happen that while they prefer to remain detached, they long for a partner who is more outwardly expressive of their emotions.
Because both partners understand each other as well as they understand themselves, it’s plausible that they would be able to perceive their emotional connection even when it isn’t openly shown. Either way, it will take honesty from both partners and a willingness to confront any areas of the relationship they feel are lacking.

Unfortunately, Capricorn’s reluctance to open up translates to the bedroom too. Despite each individual having a high libido, somehow this couple will struggle to find a good rhythm with each other. This could stem from how stable and secure their relationship is. They tend to become a little too serious around each other to let loose and let their playful sides show.

The lack of sexual compatibility could very well be a dealbreaker for this couple. They will need to be conscious of this hurdle and take the time to explore each other sexually. Once they let their guards down and allow themselves to go a little wild, this couple has the potential to have an extremely fulfilling sex life.



Above all else, Capricorns truly value stability and feeling in control of every aspect of their lives. They hate people who are flaky and don’t adhere to rules and expectations. These people make it very difficult for Capricorn to plan ahead.

Luckily, a match of two Capricorns means that both partners have the same attitude towards the way they live their lives. There are no unrealistic expectations because both of them are disciplined, determined, and steadfast.

This means that when building a home together, both partners will have the same outlook on how to handle their financial affairs, similar tastes in decor for their home, and a mirrored timeline in which to get engaged, married, and have kids.

Their hardworking nature means that both Capricorns will excel in their chosen careers and build the life they truly desire. They will have the same views on parenting and will most likely raise high-achieving children because of the discipline they instill in them. On paper, a pair of Capricorns appear to be the most perfectly matched couple.



Capricorns are generally quite introverted, so this couple will enjoy their time indoors spending quality time together. They are practically minded and will enjoy decorating the home that they share together according to their tastes. They are the masters of DIY, and love figuring things out on their own.

Aside from their practical hobbies, Capricorns also love creating. They enjoy spending time gardening or even painting or crafting. Any kind of activity that gets their creative juices flowing, really!

Because of this couple’s similar personalities, their interests are shared and there will rarely ever be any squabbles over how they will spend their time together. They don’t necessarily even need to get off the couch – this couple would be happy to spend an evening binge-watching their favorite series together.

Their withdrawn nature means that this couple may not have a large social circle. They may choose to spend time with a few close friends now and again but mostly prefer their time alone together in their safe space.

Overall Compatibility Score