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Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility

Capricorn & Aquarius

Find out how compatible Capricorn and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score45%
Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex30%


These zodiac neighbors have the potential to complement each other very well if they make the most of their differences. Capricorn loves to play by the rules and is very conservative in their approach to relationships. It will take a lot of time and courtship before they fully commit. Aquarius is far more fleeting. They are passionate in the moment, but they are almost impossible to tie down with their short attention span.

If this couple can figure out a way to play to their strengths, Aquarius can be the driving force that pulls Capricorn out of their comfort zone every now and then while Capricorn brings Aquarius back down to earth when necessary. They both inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves, albeit in different ways. Aquarius and Capricorn love a challenge, and their relationship may be the biggest one of all.

Communication & Intellect


These signs are quite similar in the way they communicate. Both Capricorn and Aquarius need to fully assess a situation before they respond to it and this makes it easier for them to get through disagreements without hurting each other’s feelings. That being said, Capricorn is far more reserved in their communication style than Aquarius is and may even opt to communicate in writing at times if they feel too overwhelmed by a specific situation.

Capricorn is really intuitive in their thinking and will be able to pick up on Aquarius’ feelings before they have even mentioned anything is wrong. This is because of the way they observe their surroundings. Aquarius’ intellect comes across in the way they communicate, so they will be able to get their points across really effectively.

Capricorn may not match Aquarius’ unparalleled intelligence completely, but they are still really smart, logical thinkers who are pragmatic in their approach to life and would rather spend a little more time on something than make the wrong decision. They are strong-willed and ambitious and this really suits Aquarius’ curious spirit that is constantly reaching for their goals that get bolder by the minute.

Emotions & Sex


These signs are equally bad at handling their emotions. Aquarius has deep emotions but really hasn’t the slightest clue how to show them. Capricorn has the tendency to overthink every situation and as a result, doesn’t know if their emotions are justified.

It’s highly possible that if there are emotional matters to deal with in the relationship, both Aquarius and Capricorn might keep things bottled up until they both burst. They will need to get an understanding of each other early on in order to coax each other out of these patterns and develop healthy emotional responses.

They are also not very sexually compatible. Aquarius has varied preferences and definitely doesn’t want something mundane and monotonous. Capricorns can be adventurous at times, but it takes them a while to become comfortable enough to let that part of themselves show.

If Aquarius is patient with Capricorn and tones down their wild side a little, eventually this couple can reach a point where they satisfy each other sexually. It will be important for Aquarius to ensure that Capricorn is emotionally fulfilled first though.



This couple will enjoy learning and achieving new things together. They will push each other towards their shared successes and acknowledge each other’s roles in their triumphs. Capricorn will be grateful for Aquarius pushing them to take calculated risks while Aquarius will appreciate Capricorn reining them in when they are being overly ambitious.

Freedom is vitally important to Aquarius, so while they will show complete devotion to their partner, they will often need alone time. This means that Capricorn cannot be too dependent on Aquarius and will have to have their own hobbies and interests to keep them busy at times.

This couple may take a while before they jump into marriage and kids since Capricorn treads cautiously at all times and Aquarius is really hard to tie down. Capricorn values security above all else, so they will never allow their relationship with Aquarius to progress to this point if they don’t believe in their compatibility.



Capricorn is an introvert who appreciates spending their time on activities that nurture their soul. They will take up hobbies like gardening, painting, or pottery where they can be lost in their thoughts and let the mundanity of the activity take over their bodies.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is lively, extroverted and adventure-driven. They love experiencing new things and will always seek to pass their time on activities that give them a sense of achievement. They love playing competitive sports and they make great trivia partners because of their amazing intellect.

However, this couple is not completely doomed in terms of shared interests. There are plenty of Capricorn’s indoor activities that Aquarius probably wouldn’t mind getting involved in, and if Capricorn is happy to step out of their comfort zone from time to time, Aquarius will be happy to have them join in on their adventures. It will surely take compromise from both of them to make it work.

Overall Compatibility Score