Cancer and Taurus compatibility

Cancer & Taurus

Find out how compatible Taurus and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score85%
 Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex90%


Taurus and Cancer’s partners were expecting to spend many weekends cooking together, sitting by the fireside, and developing their love. It may take some time for them to reach this level, though, because the two signs are quite careful.





These two signs are highly loving and frequently controlled, so they are always looking for a meaningful partnership and cannot afford to rush into a choice. Taurus and Cancer activities in relationships are slow, which could indicate a slow rate of progress.


When these signs decide to commit, it’s as if they were born to be together.

Communication & Intellect


Taurus and Cancer are a great combination, since communication is one of their strengths. There are no worries about their ability to convey the expectations of the partnership. Indeed, they are typically such friendly communicators that just looking at them is enough to start a discussion.




In terms of intelligence compatibility, a man and a woman are ideal partners. This is because the candidates are often of similar ages and generally agree on worldwide issues. If you are in a Taurus-Cancer partnership, there will be times when you run out of topics to discuss.

Emotions & Sex


Taurus and Cancer are also warm, compassionate, and sensitive partners in bed, making Taurus-Cancer marriages a spicy mix. If there are two symptoms that might create a sense that they are dying, these are them. A cancer or Taurus companion may not be immediately warm or friendly with you, but after this sign warms up to you, you will see fireworks.


The way these two signs show their love, however, might be extremely different. While Cancer people prefer to provide emotional support to their partners, Taurus people must physically express their emotions. 


People in a situation get worried immediately since it results in an absence of favorable attention from the other person. However, this keen attention means that this couple is continuously talking and enjoying one another.


Unfortunately, problems might arise in a Taurus-Cancer couple relationship only when they meet in difficult conditions. If an argument arises right from the start, forcing one partner to battle for the other, the chances of the partnership failing are great. The two of them must know immediately from the beginning that their feelings are equal.


This powerful feeling leads to healthy personal relationships and a fantastic sex life. These symptoms are definitely sexual, and intimacy difficulties are very rare. Taurus-Cancer couples should expect leisurely kisses, sensuous sexual intercourse, and lots of cuddling.





Furthermore, this couple is not afraid to share their sexual needs and desires, which strengthens their bond. However, they should avoid the temptation to accept ‘what I know my partner desires sexually’ as permanent, since this may produce problems.



When Taurus and Cancer meet, the sky seems bright for marriage, since most of their relationships are like this. That is why they are similar in so many ways: for starters, they both have more or less the same values. The moon’s profile is present in both zodiacs; so, the two signs consider family, communication, peace, and love.


A Taurean partner will be much more concerned with the financial stability of a relationship and establishing a certain financial future, whereas a Cancerian spouse will be much more interested in the emotional attractiveness of a partnership. This typically means a Cancerian could see the Taurean as slightly materialistic, but in an attempt to seek the necessary security. Over time, money may play a role in many of their fights. However, if this couple decides to start a family, the money argument will balance out and become less one-sided.



The Cancer-Taurus couple loves spending much of their time together because their key interests are likely to be similar. Yes, kids prefer to be active, and the majority of this activity occurs at home, which I find weird. That is why this couple is particularly deep in their job, since they love to rest more than other zodiac signs. These two would prefer cooking than going out to eat, or host guests rather than party. This does not suggest that they seem shy or introverted; rather, it indicates a healthier lifestyle in which time spent with family members at home is valued more highly.

Overall Compatibility Score