Cancer and Pisces compatibility

Cancer & Pisces

Find out how compatible Cancer and Pisces are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score68%
Communication & Intellect80%
Emotions & Sex60%


It is particularly ideal for the Cancer-Pisces zodiac sign, and they are a wonderful match, as if meant to fit together like a pair of gloves. They are one of the zodiac signs who are drawn to each other just by their appearance. These two signs are compatible because they have a strong emotional connection based on love and kindness.





The Cancer and Pisces relationship, or lovers, have similar beliefs and behavioral characteristics. Pisces may be rather selfless at times, and they will be more sensitive to whatever Cancer is going through than how it affects them. In response, Cancer will pay close attention to and protect my partner Pisce’s requirements.

They are unbeatable together. They will do everything they can to ensure that the other person receives what he or she desires, relying on the other’s abilities that they are technically lacking. As a result, when Cancer and Pisces come together, they have a bond that others want.

Communication & Intellect


The relationship between the Cancer and Pisces couples will be nothing short of mind reading, since both are well aware of the other’s sentiments. Pisces, you always have a way of saying the words that are most likely to soothe an aching heart. This is one of the reasons why Cancer is drawn to them. It’s always exciting to meet people with different and strong personalities. Anyone may quickly warm up to Pisces; it’s impossible not to. They are not false individuals, and they value the truth, as seen by their presentation to the cancer partner.


However, unlike other similarly radically honest zodiac signs, Pisces expresses his ideas and opinions in a gentle manner, because, unlike other zodiac signs, Pisces cares, and in this case, Cancer is Pisces’ object of devotion. Cancer, on the other hand, would go to any extent to hear his partner’s Pisce’s point of view. However, this isn’t always the case.

A misunderstanding arises between the two eternal lovers of Cancer and Pisces when one of them is jealous of the other’s ability to understand and analyze even the mysteries and moods of Cancer, especially when they are not in a good mood, as they frequently are. Cancer prefers to remain silent until it is appropriate to speak.




And, as charming as Pisces is, they become easily distracted and susceptible to lost in dreams, which may be difficult for Cancer, who wants to address real-life difficulties, practical matters, and facts.

What must be avoided is for Cancer to become excessively critical, while Pisces must always delay a conversation; in this way, communication differences would assist rather than harm the love match between Pisces and Cancer.

Emotions & Sex


The biggest disadvantage of having affected the Cancer-Pisces pair is that they are likely to be constantly flooded with deep feelings about love.

The relationship between Cancer and Pisces is either very powerful or very weak; there is no ground between loving partners. Both partners may be all over each other and described as being too close for comfort one minute, and the next, they could have nothing in common and be rejected by one another. All of this, however, is due to the lordship of the corresponding planets for each sign and their conjunction; both are water signs, making them extremely emotional.


The Cancer-Pisces love compatibility is more likely to work in the long run if the two people do not obsess over each other excessively. They should not be partners and instead spend time with other important individuals in their lives such as family and friends.


Cancer and Pisces partners will struggle to find the appropriate chemistry when it comes to sex. Cancer is one of the most reserved signs when it comes to intimacy, which may be bothersome for Pisces, who are quite sexual once they discover their partner.




Firstly, Pisces has to take part in all kinds of dreams in the bedroom; yet, they have to control themselves because Cancer needs some time to catch up due to their conservative approach to sex.

Once this occurs, the Cancer-Pisces pair will undoubtedly enjoy several hot physical sexual experiences as well as a strong and active sexual connection.



This is the area where I believe their personalities are obviously divided. Similar to emotions, Cancer understands and appreciates the Pisces desire for affection, honesty, and loyalty in a relationship, but Cancers are more logical in their approach. Pisces, on the other hand, represents the two lovers’ desires and hopes.

As a result, the Cancer-Pisces couple’s expectations for their relationship may differ significantly.


According to the symptoms, Cancer prefers a strong emotional companion as well as a simple existence free of difficulties. That is why Pisces likes passionate partnerships, since they rapidly become tired with the routine and unsatisfied with the routine features of any relationship. Cancers value security above all else. Therefore, they are sure to clash with Pisces’ travel and may feel emotionally excluded if that sign cannot control this side of their personality.


The Cancer-Pisces pairing often finds themselves in a worse situation, but the two constantly search for methods to balance the score. Cancer is a highly caring person who will be able to provide most of what Pisces desires in a relationship, such as surprises and affection in general. And Pisces will have a positive relationship with Cancer, since Pisces can deal with Cancer’s mood swings.





Cancer is ordinary, so they will be doing duties like cooking or farming. If they need a break and want to engage their thoughts, they pick a book and begin reading.


When Cancer-Pisces love birds first meet, it may appear that they have a lot in common since they want to be together, but as time passes, both parties will learn that they do not share as many comparable interests as they once believed.

These are Pisces, the zodiac’s most fearless soul and aquatic babies. They like aquatic activities and workouts like surfing and swimming. Pisces may also be highly flirty, since he is outgoing and knows how to communicate with others.


But in any other scenario, this may be an issue, but not in these two. They have things in common that they enjoy doing a lot of, such as interior decorating or watching movies. This is a pair that will be content with their frequent Netflix sessions while also enjoying shopping for the annual house remodel.

Overall Compatibility Score