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Cancer and Capricorn compatibility

Cancer & Capricorn

Find out how compatible Cancer and Capricorn are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score78%
 Communication & Intellect70%
Emotions & Sex80%


While there are some similarities, Cancerians and Capricorns are quite different. You can expect a Cancerian partner to be romantic and emotional, while the Capricorn in the partnership has a more sensible approach to love. Even with this difference, this love has the potential to grow deeper over time.

There are also some differences in terms of how they view each other. Cancer is prone to abrupt mood changes, which can make Capricorn slightly nervous – they prefer to be sure of their partner’s intentions. For the Cancerian, Capricorn comes across as quite serious and overly focused on the material world. To overcome these differences, this couple needs to keep their lines of communication open.

These two signs also tend to get hung up on the past quite often and want to work through their issues before they commit to a serious relationship. If they’re really lucky though, these partners could both want to work through issues together, which further deepens their connection.

Communication & Intellect


When a Cancerian and Capricorn meet, there is often this natural familiarity between them. If there is no in-depth communication between these two signs in the beginning though, they might lose the chance to create a deeper connection and a stronger bond. Without enough communication, Capricorn can come across as career-obsessed, while Cancer might seem too needy.

When there is an open line of communication from the start, the Cancer-Capricorn couple quickly realizes how much they have in common. Along with always having something to talk about, they can expect to share similar goals in this relationship. Working together towards these goals will only bring them closer together.

Emotions & Sex


Once passion awakens in the Cancer-Capricorn relationship, the connection only grows stronger and they quickly become the perfect pair. Capricorn’s relaxed energy helps put Cancer at ease, especially in the bedroom, while Cancer’s emotional side helps balance out the warmth and love that Capricorn sometimes lacks. This balancing act really helps liven up their sex life too. Once they are comfortable with each other, there is a lot of experimentation and variety under the sheets.

In terms of their emotional states, these are closely linked to their relationship expectations. So, as long as this pair keeps communicating, they can create a calm and loving bubble that they’ll both love spending time in. It can take some time for Cancer to break through Capricorn’s walls though, but once they do, it’s well worth it.

Cancer also makes it easier for their Capricorn partner to have a better work-life balance due to their supportive and grounding characteristics.

After these two form a bond, marriage and children almost always follow. It’s important for them to accept each other’s different relationship and parenting styles for this to be a harmonious relationship though. Fortunately, once they build this inevitable romantic connection, this isn’t difficult.



Security and stability are big deals for both Capricorn and Cancer, which is what they will value most in each other. Their drive to not quit or give up, regardless of how difficult things get, is what will deepen the bond in this relationship. The fact that they are both loyal also helps with this.

In most instances, however, Cancer’s deep desire for safety and protection will surpass that of Capricorn, particularly when it comes to their family. Capricorn is often more focused on money and career, but this is how they create stability for their family. In the end, this couple is both working towards the same end goal.



When it comes to spending time together, Cancer is almost always happy to go along with whatever Capricorn has planned. Luckily, Cancer will have time to decide whether they want to join in because Capricorn plans their activities well in advance.

Cancer enjoys activities that are relaxing and add to a comfortable living environment. Capricorn, on the other hand, is used to being on the go, which means they tend to enjoy activities that require more energy.

In the end, these two know how to compromise and will always find something to do together, even if there’s some compromise involved.

Overall Compatibility Score