Cancer and Cancer compatibility

Cancer & Cancer

Find out how compatible Cancer and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score90%
 Communication & Intellect100%
Emotions & Sex70%


​Cancerians are simple souls who are passionate and kind; they will enjoy each other’s company, making for an ideal connection. They are wonderful housewives and will enjoy raising a family. This sign is highly emotional and natural; so, if both are sexually compatible, the flames will likely begin to blaze as a result of their mutual understanding.





As a result, Cancerians are naturally passive. Therefore, neither partner is forceful or eager to take the initiative when things go rough. Cancerians are also noted for having changing emotions, which can be attributed to their ruling planet, the moon. Although things may be horrible for other couples, if one pair is continuously dealing with disagreeing moods, relationship problems may get to a new level.

Communication & Intellect


Cancerians are successful speakers because they are constantly alert. Not only do they listen effectively. This is why they are such wonderful partners: they can predict what you are going to do before you do it.

There are two points that should be stated, though: First, Cancer enjoys talking; in fact, it comes as naturally to them as breathing; and second, Cancer enjoys silence, which first partner will not mind in this union.

Both cancer’s physical and mental behaviors, along with their excellent communication abilities, are a reflection of their strong emotional intelligence.





This makes them a knowledgeable couple, since they tend to predict or view things. Friends and relatives will always be impressed by their ability to provide guidance and support to others. This allows them to have exceptional privileges in a relationship, since they are capable of dealing with matters that others may find sensitive, therefore completing each other’s emotional worries.

Emotions & Sex


Cancerians are extremely emotional; they are sometimes referred to as the zodiac’s crying sign. They are extremely emotional and open in their feelings, which include both joyful and negative emotions. Two Cancers in a relationship will be emotionally compatible, owing to their understanding and emotional reactions to one another, and neither will have to worry about whether the other is pleased or upset. Both will express all of their passion and sentiments for the other without caring about whether it is accepted; if it is appreciated, they will be even happier.





Because Cancer might be highly emotional in their decisions, both of them may suffer if they are suddenly overcome with opposing emotions.


Unfortunately, the emotional intensity that binds this couple together does not translate well into personal partnerships. Both are fairly passive, so sexual coordination may take a long time.


With that in mind, Cancer enters a relationship with the desire to make his partner happy, thus they will both be well aware of the other’s preferences and dislikes. Perhaps this pair should hurry up and create a sexual beat, since if you don’t, no amount of ordinary home activities will limit your boredom.



Luckily, the same sign match ensures that both individuals have the same ideals, increasing the chance of the relationship’s success.

Cancerians place a high value on a house, and developing one is a continual process that includes raising a family. They do not indulge in one-night encounters or random hookups, and they will only get into a relationship if they can see themselves in the future with that person. This is ideal for a Cancer-Cancer relationship since it indicates that both partners are working toward the same goal.


Cancerians adore and appreciate their friends and family. Building and maintaining relationships is important to them, so they make an effort to let the significant people in their lives know they exist. This eventually benefits the two of them, since they will no longer compete over how much time they spend with shared friends and relatives.


Realization and caring about financial achievement are not Cancer’s top values, therefore such a pair may want to keep a low profile. They would rather spend the time solving it with their partner and, eventually, with their children. Another area where they agree is that they both do not mind having their family as large as possible–both have no problems.



To summarize, this couple’s list of activities will never stop because they have so many interests.

Cancerians are often quite straightforward and traditional in terms of interests. They prefer to stay at home and might spend hours in the kitchen preparing various cuisines and sweets. They also like gardening, which fulfills one of people’s most basic needs: to provide.


This sign appreciates being creative and is happiest when engaged in activities that promote creativity. You could find them in the act of painting or crafting something on a Saturday afternoon. They enjoy reading because it allows them to dream.

This couple’s beneficial desire will undoubtedly result in a home filled with adopted pets with whom they will love spending time. This quality also motivates people to volunteer for as many philanthropic initiatives as possible.

Because this pair is of the same sign, they cannot disagree on how they will spend their time together, which strengthens their bond even more.

Overall Compatibility Score