Aries and Gemini compatibility

Aries & Gemini

Find out how compatible Aries and Gemini are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score48%
Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex50%


The unfortunate reality is that while the beginning of the relationship between Aries and Gemini will be full of passion and sparks, it’s very difficult for these two to make it work in the long run. Aries’ confidence and straight-shooter attitude will catch Gemini’s eye in the beginning, and they’ll quickly fall into enjoying each other’s company.

But when Gemini’s eye is inevitably caught by the next interesting thing they see, Aries will have to chase them, attempting to keep up what they have. For a while this will work— Aries will enjoy the chase, and Gemini will enjoy the attention. But if their relationship reaches a point where Aries expects a more serious commitment, and Gemini just isn’t ready to give up their freedom, then this pair won’t be left with many options to preserve what they have.

Communication & Intellect


The truth is that communication between Aries and Gemini can quickly take a turn for the worse. Aries is direct and up-front about what they’re thinking and what they want. And while Gemini certainly isn’t shy and loves a good conversation, they’re not so decisive and are prone to changing their mind. This is something that can easily trigger conflicts with an impatient Aries.

Because Gemini tends to have a constant inner dialogue going on between their two halves (and they often like to voice these conversations aloud) Aries can quickly grow frustrated if they don’t see a point to the conversation. They also can’t understand or relate to Gemini’s need to see things from two perspectives. For Aries, there’s one right perspective— theirs. This has a lot of potential to be another source of disagreement.

Gemini’s intelligence comes from their ability to see more than one side of something. This ability is something they have to offer Aries (if Aries is willing to hear them out and learn). So the key to making communication work between these two is for each to embrace the differences of the other. Aries should look at Gemini’s creativity and tendency to throw in many different ideas as an exciting opportunity for adventure.

And Gemini should let Aries take the wheel at times when they need to decide on one thing instead of multiple. But be warned, while this is the way to make communication work, it won’t be easy since it goes against both their natures.

Emotions & Sex


It can be hard to tie a Gemini down, especially emotionally, because they can very easily become distracted by the next shiny thing that catches their eye. On the one hand, Aries might find this as an appealing challenge since they love to compete (and win). So at the beginning of the relationship, Aries’ drive to capture and keep Gemini’s attention will add even more sparks to the relationship.

Aries will also likely take the dominant role when it comes to sex, and Gemini will be just fine with that since it frees them up to try fun and different things. Since Aries is always up for new and exciting things, Gemini’s creativity might just take things to the next level.

Again this pair needs to be careful because what starts as an exciting game of cat and mouse, can quickly turn into hurt feelings and jealousy. While Aries will view the chase as a challenge in the beginning, eventually they will expect Gemini to relent and be theirs. If Gemini has no intention of being exclusive with Aries, then the relationship will never last, and it might be better not to get into it in the first place.



Aries and Gemini tend to have opposing values, which can cause tension in their relationship. Gemini places a lot of value on communication— for them, the conversation doesn’t have to arrive at a conclusion for it to have been meaningful. The act of conversing is in and of itself a good enough reason.

Aries values success and winning, which means they’re willing to invest the time it takes to win Gemini over. However, Aries is prideful and will expect equal attention and investment in return. If they don’t get it from Gemini, it can lead to frustration and discontent.

While both of these signs value independence, it manifests differently for them. Aries values independence in the form of self-sufficiency. They will be with Gemini, or anyone for that matter, because they want to be, not because they need to be.

Gemini, on the other hand, values independence in the form of freedom— they don’t want to be tied down to anyone or anything. Aries happily allows themselves to belong to their partner if they think they’re worthy. For Gemini, this just isn’t an option. This fundamental difference in values is likely to cause serious issues between these two.



Because Aries has a competitive nature they likely have competitive hobbies— sports, trivia, debate. Gemini on the other hand loves activities that let them be social and give them the chance to interact with new people. Both of these signs enjoy adventures and the chance to learn new things.

For this reason, these two should spend time trying new things together. Sign up for a dance class, or a wine and painting event. Schedule a surf lesson, or even head to an old-school arcade for the day. Aries will enjoy racking up points and beating high scores, while Gemini couldn’t possibly get bored with all the games to try.

There are some things these two should keep in mind, though. Gemini loves being social and meeting new people, so depending on the setting, Aries might find themselves feeling jealous of the attention their partner is dishing out to others. And while Aries might enjoy doing the same activity for long periods of time, Gemini can grow restless pretty quickly.

The way to avoid conflict between these two is for Gemini to be aware of how their actions might make Aries feel, and use their great communication skills to reassure them that they’re the top priority. And Aries needs to respect Gemini’s need to be social and extroverted, without jumping to conclusions about ulterior motives or suspicions.

Overall Compatibility Score