Aries and Capricorn compatibility

Aries & Capricorn

Find out how compatible Aries and Capricorn are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score50%
Communication & Intellect50%
Emotions & Sex40%


Capricorn and Aries are quite possibly two sides of the same coin. While they share some similarities, in many ways, they are exact opposites and this could have good or bad implications for a relationship between these signs. Capricorn is very reserved, shy, and introverted. Aries, on the other hand, has a bold, spirited personality with keen interests in adventure and spontaneity.

It’s conceivable that having these characteristics will mean that each individual in the relationship can help to bring out the part that the other is lacking, but it can also mean that there is no common ground for them to connect and build a relationship on. The real problem is that while Aries is very direct and knows what they want from the get-go, Capricorn takes a lot of time to process things. By the time they’ve decided they want a relationship, Aries may have lost interest and moved on.

Because of these factors, it’s vitally important that both signs be very cognizant of each other’s needs and make conscious efforts to nurture the relationship. Romantic relationships between these two zodiacs often work best when they’ve started as friendships and the “getting to know you” phase has long passed.

Communication & Intellect


Capricorn is extremely low ranking among the zodiacs when it comes to communication. They are extremely passive and struggle to convey how they feel verbally, which largely stems from how long it takes them to work through things internally. Aries, while not equally bad, is also not the greatest communicator. However, Aries compensates for this with a never-say-die attitude that pushes them to work on issues until they are completely resolved. It’s vital for a Capricorn-Aries couple to establish an effective conflict resolution method early enough in the relationship for it to survive.

What Capricorn lacks in communication skills, they make up for with intelligence. Aries, unfortunately, lags far behind in this character trait. While Aries can use the opportunity to learn from Capricorn, it’s highly possible that Capricorn could become frustrated by the lack of intellectual stimulation in the relationship. However, Aries is extremely driven and persistent, and these characteristics most often lead to lucrative careers. This ambition will most definitely keep Capricorn interested, as it is something they deeply value in a partner.

With any discrepancy, it’s vital that these issues are addressed early on so that they don’t fester and become bigger problems as the relationship progresses. The key is for both individuals to be equally committed to making the relationship a success.

Emotions & Sex


Both Capricorn and Aries are not very good at displaying emotion – a factor that can be devastating in a relationship if there is a lack of understanding between both people. Capricorn tends to move at a much slower pace than most people in a relationship, and when feelings eventually do develop, they struggle to vocalize them. Aries can easily show feelings of anger and frustration but feelings that indicate vulnerability are a lot more difficult for them to admit to. This lack of communication can cause feelings of insecurity in a newly developing relationship, so it’s vital that both partners put effort into understanding each other’s love languages.

Like with most aspects in Capricorn’s life, they are quite reserved in the bedroom, which mainly stems from a lack of self-confidence. Aries are quite the opposite – they know what they want and when they want it. This means that it’s highly unlikely that these signs will ever be able to fully satisfy each other sexually. To overcome these kinds of issues, open communication is needed, which we’ve already established both signs aren’t great at. Aries’ straightforward attitude has the potential to give Capricorn a sexual awakening, but a conscious behavior change will be needed from both people for this to work.



Capricorn and Aries are both career-driven, ambitious, and hardworking people, so this is definitely something they will enjoy about each other – it’s possibly the biggest aspect that will solidify their bond. They can be each other’s motivators and constantly push each other to be the best versions of themselves. This value is probably what they find most attractive about each other. And if they’re careful not to allow themselves to become too self-involved, it can be a great foundation for the relationship.

Contrastingly, in other facets of life, Capricorn tends to shy away from adventure and the unknown, while Aries runs whole-heartedly towards spontaneity and fun. To meet each other halfway, Capricorn most definitely needs to step out of their comfort zone and let Aries take the lead. Aries will also need to tone down on their expectations of Capricorn so that both people are not miserable around each other the entire time.

What’s positive about these signs is that both are loving, attentive partners, who do make efforts to ensure that the other is happy. This might not always be words of affirmation, but actions instead.



Capricorn is the definition of an introvert and enjoys activities that are relaxed and effortless. A Capricorn would much rather spend a day gardening, reading a book, or doing crafts than going out or partying. They have an inclination towards tasks that let their imaginations run wild and get their creative juices flowing. They don’t always enjoy being around other people and are quite content with solitude.

Aries is the direct opposite. An Aries lives for adventure and experiencing new things on a regular basis. They love high-energy activities that get their adrenaline pumping and have an element of danger to them. Aries are often avid sports fans, whether they’re playing themselves or enjoying the game with friends over a round of drinks. They also may enjoy playing video games where they can experience the satisfaction of winning.

These two preferences are clearly not very compatible for two people in a relationship. In order for the partnership to work, Capricorn and Aries will need to find some common ground on which to spend their time together. You may also need to get used to spending more time on your own if you choose this partnership.

Overall Compatibility Score