Aries and Cancer compatibility

Aries & Cancer

Find out how compatible Aries and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score45%
Communication & Intellect40%
Emotions & Sex30%


The truth is that Aries and Cancer have a difficult road ahead of them if they want to be in a relationship together. Cancer’s tendency to be shy and timid when they like someone is in direct opposition with Aries’ aggressive and direct approach. In the beginning, this might make things work. Aries will make the first move and Cancer will be relieved that they didn’t have to. But Aries will have to learn patience if they expect to get Cancer to open up, something that goes against their inner nature.

While Cancer will find comfort in Aries’ consistent and reliable nature, Aries may find themselves frustrated with Cancer’s ever-changing mood and need to proceed slowly. On the one hand, these two will match in that Aries will naturally fall into the dominant role, and Cancer into the submissive one. But it’s not unlikely that one may eventually find the other to be too much, and the other not enough.

Communication & Intellect


Right off the bat communication between Aries and Cancer will be challenging. Aries always comes out of the gate with a headstrong, aggressive approach, and this isn’t something that Cancer will necessarily find attractive or appreciate much. Cancer has the reputation of being a moody sign, and it’s because they don’t consistently approach situations with the same attitude the way Aries does.

Both of these signs are emotionally intelligent and are able to pick up on others’ energies. The difference is that while Aries has a pretty consistent energy, Cancer has a habit of reading others’ energy and then reflecting it back.

When the two are having an argument and Aries launches into their usual style of direct confrontation, Cancer is equally as likely to launch back aggressively as they are to retreat into their shell. Sometimes they’ll mirror Aries’ energy, and sometimes they won’t even want to engage. While Aries doesn’t always have the best approach, their approach is always consistent. So the fact that Cancer’s isn’t will frustrate Aries, which might just add more fuel to the fire.

The other issue that these two will face when communicating is that when a Cancer likes someone, their response is actually to be more shy and reserved, instead of open and warm. This is because Cancer fears rejection and tends to have some deep-seated insecurities. For Aries, this may be a turn-off, because they can’t understand why others don’t have the same headstrong approach as they do. And even if they do understand it, they’re not in the habit of showing patience and understanding.

Overall, these two signs have a lot of hurdles when it comes to communicating, and the effort that it would take to make things work demands that these two go against their nature.

Emotions & Sex


While both Aries and Cancer are emotional signs that allow themselves to feel things intensely, they handle them differently. While Aries is upfront and expressive from the beginning, it can take Cancer a very long time to feel comfortable with doing the same.

Cancer’s hesitation to express themselves carries over into their sex lives as well. Aries will have to invest a lot of time, and be very patient with Cancer before they’re ready to get more intimately involved— something that they’ll likely have difficulty with.

Aries’ attitude screams self-assurance, and a lot of times, Cancer feels the exact opposite. Cancer struggles with a fear of rejection, as well as feeling insecure, and they constantly need their partner to validate them. While Aries won’t mind doing this in the beginning, they will expect their partner to eventually overcome these feelings, which may be very challenging for Cancer.

When Cancer likes someone they are very warm and compassionate— something that Aries will appreciate. So while the two are likely to connect on an emotional level, sex and intimacy are likely to be a challenge for these two.



Aries tends to value in others the qualities that they value in themselves. One of these is consistency and dependability. While Cancers are dependable partners, they aren’t inclined towards consistency the way Aries is. You’ll never know what kind of day you’ll catch Cancer having. Sometimes they’re outgoing and social, and sometimes they’re quiet and reserved. While Aries will never be bored, this inconsistency isn’t something that they can understand, and it will likely frustrate them.

On the other hand, Aries’ consistency is something that Cancer will likely appreciate. Cancer wants to feel safe and protected, and this is something that Aries will take pride in providing. These two won’t find themselves competing for who will be the leader in the relationship. Aries is delighted to be in the driver’s seat, and if these two have managed to establish a significant amount of trust, then Cancer is more than happy to let them drive.

Since Aries is prone to jealousy, this is one area where Cancer’s personality will suit Aries well. Cancer isn’t the type to be talking or flirting with more than one person at a time. They’re already worried about whether or not Aries likes them as much as they do, so there’s really no room to throw a third person into the mix. In fact, once you’ve earned Cancer’s love, they might even develop a tendency to be clingy. For Aries, this is a positive thing because they want to know they’re the only one their partner desires. Aries values absolute devotion from their partner, and with Cancer, they’ll definitely get it.



Because Aries will never know what kind of day they’ll catch Cancer having, there will be times when their interests will align, and others when they just probably shouldn’t hang out. On the days when Cancer is feeling outgoing and adventurous, Aries will love hanging out with them because they’ll be on the same wavelength. Maybe they’ll head for a hike, or spend the day riding roller coasters.

When Cancer isn’t in the mood for anything crazy, Aries should respect their feelings and agree to a quieter evening. In fact, Aries should take this opportunity to really get to know Cancer on a more intimate level. Cancer will only open up when they feel safe and comfortable in their environment. In this way, they really embody their crab representation, because they enjoy the protection their shell offers them.

If Aries wants to see the truest side of Cancer, they should hang out with them in their home. In this safe environment, Cancer is most likely to open up and let Aries in on a deeper level.

Overall Compatibility Score