Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

Aquarius & Cancer

Find out how compatible Aquarius and Cancer are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score53%
Communication & Intellect60%
Emotions & Sex40%


Opposites attract and this is exactly what happens in a love match between Cancer and Aquarius. The question is whether their initial attraction to each other will be sufficient to sustain their relationship in the long run.

Aquarius is an extrovert by nature, whereas Cancer is an introvert. Cancer is in touch with their emotions and feelings, and they can express themselves when they want to, whereas Aquarius can appear to be emotionally detached even from people they care about.

They do, however, both want to be in a relationship, which is why they get together in the first place. Cancer seeks love, attention, and affection, while Aquarius seeks a genuine and authentic relationship.

All of which they can give to each other if the Cancer-Aquarius love couple spends quality time together learning about each other and appreciating all of the fantastic, unique characteristics they each have.

Communication & Intellect


Aquarius views life as a continuous discovery, intellectual pursuit, and mind advancement. Cancer, however, is more practical. Cancer pauses to ask, ‘How will this feel?’ while Aquarius continues to ask, ‘What’s next?’

That said, Aquarius is the most cerebral of all the zodiac signs. They are just, humanitarian, inventive, analytical, and intelligent. Nothing can entice an Aquarius more than an interesting conversation with another person if it is provided. Cancer is also an intellectual sign.

One of Cancer’s positive characteristics is their willingness to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs it. Who better than their charming Aquarius? The Cancer-Aquarius pair have the ability to come up with interesting and intellectual topics to discuss, and these conversations can last for hours without either party becoming bored.

The only issue they may have is finding time for these types of discussions.

Aquarius is a natural orator with a witty personality, but their wits will not always work on Cancer, who will deliberately not find the humor in jokes, especially when they are in a broody mood.

When this happens, the Cancer-Aquarius pair may find it difficult to understand where the other is coming from, and conflicts may arise if Aquarius becomes too cool or Cancer becomes too emotionally demanding.

For communication to be effective, Cancer must tone down their brashness, and Aquarius must make a conscious effort to be more sensitive to their partner.

Otherwise, they may end up working against each other: Cancer may ask for more and more, while Aquarius may pull further and further away. Acknowledging that their perspectives on life differ, Cancer and Aquarius can learn to enjoy their differences rather than feeling intimidated by them.

Emotions & Sex


Cancer and Aquarius are not mirrored images of each other; they are both yin-like, but not in all ways. Aquarius is ruled by logic and intuition, while Cancer is ruled by emotions. But it is precisely because of this that this couple is so unique.

Cancer’s love is about fully expressing themselves, whereas Aquarius’ love is about discovering the truth about love. It will be beneficial for Aquarius to experience love in its physical manifestation rather than just as an intellectual idea, which Cancer can provide. However, because Aquarius is known for being somewhat distant, this can be a difficult thing for Cancer to do.

But, if Aquarius can open up, and embrace the real-life experience of love, it will help them understand it better.

The Cancer-Pisces match can experience intense emotions in their relationship. This may frighten Aquarius at first, but Cancer can provide a haven for Aquarius’ constant desire for intellectual stimulation, which Aquarius will be eternally grateful for.

Cancer will, however, need constant reassurance from Aquarius when they are experiencing an overwhelming wave of emotion. Aquarius should be careful not to make jokes about this part of Cancer or they risk hurting them.

To achieve emotional balance, the Cancer-Aquarius love pair must come to a place where they both feel comfortable expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings.

Sex for the Cancer and Aquarius couple requires a lot of effort from both parties. Cancer is very emotional and will not engage in sexual activity with anyone they haven’t already developed a strong emotional attachment to. Unfortunately, Aquarius’ emotional detachment makes it difficult to lay the groundwork for an intimate relationship.

To make this work, Aquarius must let down their guard and learn how to consciously show their emotional side, as well as communicate their feelings to their Cancer partner. Cancer, on the other hand, must be less sensitive to everything and let go of unneeded grudges that will trigger and aggravate the broody mood.



Cancers have outmoded world values. They are deeply rooted in routine and tradition, with morals that are more conservative than progressive. Aquarius, on the other hand, is very modern and will most likely find Cancer’s comforts boring.

However, the Cancer-Aquarius couple shares more values than anyone realizes. When it comes to achieving goals, they both persevere. If they have a predetermined path, they will stick to it until the end. There is nothing the Cancer-Aquarius couple cannot accomplish together with this kind of shared perseverance.

However, when problems arise, Aquarius will discover that Cancer, though they may appear shy and retreat into their shells, can be very dogmatic and tenacious, not above using emotional blackmail, even on their loved ones. This may be off-putting to Aquarius, who, despite their independence, values honesty in a relationship.

There is still hope for the Cancer-Aquarius love match, but both parties must be willing to extend grace to each other. Aquarius must learn not to view their Cancer partner as needy simply because they don’t think the same way. Cancers must be careful not to choke Aquarius. Asking for more before they’re ready may push them away.



Aquarius are walking think tanks, so it’s only natural that they’re voracious readers who also enjoy writing. Aquarius is usually educated, offbeat, and generally agreeable.

They are only interested in leisure when it is objective-driven, so if an Aquarius is interested in a video game, it will most likely be adventure-related. Other activities that may pique Aquarius’s interest include puzzle-solving, creative designs, community work, a book club, and adventure sports.

Cancerians are very homely, and most of their interests revolve around it; they are excellent chefs and have a talent for nurturing plants or even dabbling in full-time farming. Cancerians also enjoy traveling, attending auctions and exhibitions, as well as collecting mint pieces and postcards.

The Cancer-Aquarius couple may not share many interests or hobbies. However, if they are willing to explore their partner’s interests, it can expose them to new experiences that they will enjoy.

Overall Compatibility Score