Aquarius and Aries compatibility

Aquarius & Aries

Find out how compatible Aquarius and Aries are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score70%
Communication & Intellect60%
Emotions & Sex80%


Aries and Aquarius are kindred spirits that find home in each other in a relationship. They connect in ways that create an unbreakable bond and their compatibility makes them partners in crime in all aspects of their lives.

Both these signs are spontaneous and filled with a zest for life that fuels the adventures that they have as a couple. They are creative and become each other’s muses, letting their passionate and zealous energy flow into their work. The best part about this connection is the way they naturally understand each other. They are both trailblazers and aren’t afraid to take risks; the security of their partnership makes this even more effortless!

There may be some difficulty at the beginning of a relationship between these signs, as Aries tends to become attached a little quicker than Aquarius does. This means that it might take some extra patience and work before things settle into symbiosis. Once they’ve hit that sweet spot though, it’s likely that these two will be linked for life, regardless of whether it’s as friends or lovers.

Communication & Intellect


When it comes to communicating, Aries and Aquarius are very much on par with each other. They may not be the most effective communicators among all the signs, but the special connection between them allows them to understand each other’s needs and quirks without too much extra effort.

What’s great about this is that the passionate nature that they share allows them to work through any issues they may have until they are completely resolved, never allowing anything to be swept under the carpet or cause problems further down the line.

Unfortunately, one of the few areas that Aries and Aquarius differ in is intelligence. Aquarius is well known to be among the most intelligent of all the signs, while Aries falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. Luckily, because of the love and respect that they have for each other, this shouldn’t cause too much contention in the relationship.

What Aries lacks in intelligence they make up for in determination and drive, which is very attractive to Aquarius. This is important because it allows them both to push each other in their careers and reach levels of success that would otherwise not be possible.

Aries may not be book smart, but is knowledgeable enough in other areas of life to be able to hold an intelligent conversation and still challenge Aquarius intellectually at times.

Emotions & Sex


Aries and Aquarius may be two peas in a pod, but it really takes a while before their emotional connection is strong and securely established. This is mainly because of the nonchalant attitude that Aquarius tends to have towards romantic relationships. While Aries is very direct and upfront about their feelings from the get go, Aquarius needs a little more time to settle down and truly invest in the relationship emotionally.

However, once the emotional foundation has been laid, Aries and Aquarius get along like a house on fire. They are able to anticipate each other’s needs and continually surprise each other with their thoughtfulness and loving gestures. They both love watching their partner flourish and thrive and that is what usually keeps the sparks flying long after the first I love you.

Although the emotional aspect of the relationship takes a bit longer for these two to tie down, the sex is on fire from day one. They are passionate and have fun together, which takes the pressure off and allows them to simply enjoy the act and carnate connection of it all.

The great part about the sexual compatibility between Aries and Aquarius is that once they have established feelings for each other, it inevitably heightens the intensity of their connection and allows them to appreciate each other unlike ever before. They don’t get caught up in the details and are able to match each other’s energies like for like so that both parties are usually very satisfied with the sexual aspect of the relationship.



Aries and Aquarius get along well in most areas of life, but the one thing that may put a strain on their bond is their shared lust for freedom. Usually shared values are not a bad thing, but it’s pretty obvious that a strong desire for freedom isn’t ideal for a relationship. This desire may leave both individuals feeling frustrated with each other at times since they won’t be living life on their own terms – something that’s vitally important to both of them.

Luckily, the good outweighs the bad when it comes to the values of these two signs. They are both ambitious, fun-loving, adventurous and forward thinking. They bring out the best in each other and never try to suppress the other’s fiery spirit.

They inspire each other to work harder, and as a result are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor together. This ultimately makes their bond even stronger through the shared satisfaction of achievement. The boldness of their personalities makes for a long lasting relationship since they will probably never become bored of each other and continually strive to enjoy new experiences together.



Both Aries and Aquarius are doers, not thinkers! They love excitement, adventure, and the thrill of experiencing something new. This means that as a couple, they’ll be able to spend plenty of time together and bond over their shared enjoyment of these activities.

These signs are often sporty, outdoorsy and energetic. You can find them doing absolutely anything from activities that involve being out in nature, to thrill seeking sports, or even just enjoying playing video games at home – as long as it gets their adrenaline pumping, it’s good enough.

Despite this, Aries and Aquarius should make an effort to spend some quiet time together to make sure that they are not just flitting from one escapade to the next. If there is a lull in the relationship, or if they are burdened by illness or financial strain, they need to be able to support and love each other through it all. Unfortunately most couples face difficulty at some point in their relationship, and it’s important that the foundation is strong enough to weather these storms.

Overall Compatibility Score