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Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius & Aquarius

Find out how compatible Aquarius and Aquarius are in love, communication, career, and life.

Overall Compatibility Score70%
Communication & Intellect60%
Emotions & Sex70%


It’s difficult to say how two Aquarians might ever end up in a relationship since they are notoriously ambitious and difficult to tie down. However, if two Aquarians find themselves in a romantic partnership, it’s very likely that they will be happy together. They both give off best friend vibes that their partner will find endearing, creating great roots from which the relationship can grow.

This couple might find it difficult to make time for each other, since Aquarians have busy lives filled with time spent socializing, adventuring, and working. They’ll need to be conscious of this and put in the effort to develop their bond. Once they synchronize their schedules, this Aquarius combination is unstoppable, since their influence on each other drives them to be the best possible version of themselves.

Communication & Intellect


Aquarians have the potential to be effective communicators, they simply need a partner who understands what they’re trying to say. And who better to understand an Aquarian than an Aquarian, right?

This sign tends to generalize a lot when trying to get their point across. Sometimes their brains work so quickly analyzing every possible scenario around a certain topic that they may struggle to articulate themselves in a concise way. Their style of communication takes some getting used to.

Something this couple should be wary of is not overthinking each other’s intentions. If they can establish an effective way of communicating with each other early on in the relationship, they should have very little difficulty in this regard. They may find that writing down their thoughts during a conflict might help them zone into the root of any problem they are facing.

Aquarians are so smart that it sometimes gets in their way. They have the tendency to believe they are the expert on any topic they’re knowledgeable in, so things could get interesting between an Aquarian couple that has conflicting views.

For the most part, their unprecedented intellect works well for this couple, since they will feel like equals in the relationship and have no issue keeping up with each other’s careers. They will enjoy having intelligent conversations over dinner dates so this is certainly something that will allow them to bond.

Emotions & Sex


Aquarians experience deep emotions but in a very detached sense. While that may sound like a conflicting idea, it actually speaks to how much Aquarius values the underlying friendship formed in the relationship.

Despite this, Aquarians are really bad at showing their emotions. They prefer to keep things bottled up, whether they be good or bad emotions. If they are forced to reveal their feelings, Aquarius is the type of person who will convey them in a very non-conventional way.

While these eccentricities may cause discord between any other couple, since both partners in this pair are the same sign, it’s something they are both accepting of. Neither one of them longs for their partner to show them more love and affection than they do, which is great news for their relationship.

Sex between this Aquarius couple is fiery since they both require a deep intellectual connection in order to feel sexual attraction – and that connection is certainly present with this couple. In fact, it’s highly likely that they may even have started out as friends with benefits because they have no qualms with detachment and require no emotional connection to become sexually involved.

An Aquarius match will really enjoy unconventional sexual escapades and may even adventure into some unusual kinks. They are free-spirited, which is something they really enjoy about each other, and neither one of them will feel too shy to bring up the topic of any fetishes they’d like to try out.



Although two Aquarians in a relationship may have similar values, the nature of these values might actually be what hinders them from maintaining a long-term relationship. Aquarians are goal-chasers with a desire to change the world. This is a big part of what prevents them from wanting to be tied down.

An Aquarius-Aquarius match may work for a period where both individuals really push each other to achieve their dreams, but when these dreams come to fruition and the pace of their lives start to pick up, this couple might find themselves heading in different directions. What’s crazy about this is neither of them will mind much, despite how they care for each other. Aquarians are likely to remain friends even after a breakup.

If this couple is lucky enough to maintain a long-term relationship, they will both remain very career-driven and will choose a lifestyle that enables this. They are the type of character that might even choose to remain child-free or try an open relationship.

Whatever the future holds for this couple, there’s very little possibility of having a difference in values so severe that it causes harm to their relationship. This couple will remain amicable no matter what may come their way.



Aquarians love taking up hobbies that stimulate their minds. Because they are so adept at picking up new skills, they can find themselves entertained by a variety of activities. They love new tech and gadgets and will often be the first ones standing in line to buy the latest version of their favorite device.

Because this couple shares the same interests, they’re able to spend almost all their free time together. Whether it’s a day playing video games or even trying out a new adventure sport, they’re both on board 100% of the time.

Aquarians also have large social circles, so combining these can be a bit of a logistical nightmare at times. But the problem-solvers that they are, they’re always up for the challenge, and because of their similar personalities, neither of them have any issues fitting in with each other’s friends.

Overall, it’s unlikely that this match will ever be bored when they’re together. Their friendship-based relationship makes for easy companionship and great memories waiting to be made.

Overall Compatibility Score